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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by hdjim69, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. hdjim69

    hdjim69 Guest

    Hi, I'm looking for anyplace that sells learning ac/dc electronics
    using video lectures. I have math videos and they are very helpful.
    Rather than watch TV at night, I'd rather watch instructional videos on
    learning electronics. If anyone knows where to purchase, pls let me
    know. you can also email me at Thx.
  2. Sorry but I have not been able to find anything like what you ask for, I am
    affraid you will have to resort to the old fashion way "reading". If you are
    just starting out have a look at these documents that I found helpfull.
  3. hdjim69

    hdjim69 Guest

    yeah...I read all the time. But it would be nice to watch and listen.
    Some lectures even use demonstrations. You can't get that from a
    book. And if there is something you're not clear on, just keep
    rewinding and replaying until it sinks in.
  4. Ekstasis

    Ekstasis Guest

    I found small animations on ultra-basic concepts.

    Go to parent directory for other interesting animations . . .
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