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VHF Radio

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Ken Corbett, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Ken Corbett

    Ken Corbett Guest

    Looking for an inexpensive fixed VHF radio. Looked at Uniden, Icom and
    Standard Horizon.

    Any advice on which to buy?
  2. Jack Painter

    Jack Painter Guest

    Hi Ken, for a fixed-land unit, I am completely happy with my JRC 25w radio.
    Connected to an I.C.E. lightning arrestor, 65' of RG-8U heavy feedline and a
    custom marine-tuned copper pipe J-Pole antenna, I have excellent coverage of
    the whole AOR and quite far beyond it in some directions.

    Best part? Paid $105 for it from a big electronics distributor on eBay.

    Best regards,

  3. Dick Locke

    Dick Locke Guest

    Uniden is now the tech leader with the WHAM mike. (wireless remote
    mike that works within 300 ft radius of the radio) That sold me. Also
    JIS-7 compliant. Time will tell on reliability and I do hear enough
    negative stories that I am nervous.
  4. If you make up a matrix of features and prices, you will see that almost all
    manufacturers have radios in the same price ranges with the same features.
    They are all pretty much the same; most recommendations that are favorable
    are based on personal experience; most recommendations that are unfavorable
    are baseless.
  5. Jack Painter

    Jack Painter Guest

    Very well said. A good friend who runs the Kenwood East Repair Center will
    help any boater stopped on the ICW in Hampton Roads with one-day service on
    their radio problems. But as far as warranty goes, most if not all of the
    big names in the business no longer honor repair costs on smaller equipment,
    authorizing replacement-only while under warranty. This will eventually
    eliminate the repair business for small (inexpensive) electronics. Just so
    you know what happens when you send your small radios in for repair under
    warranty. If during-warranty repairs while enroute is what you require, it
    may now cost something because the manufacturers have largely abandonded
    subsidizing this cost through their authorized repair centers. For the most
    part, small VHF radios do last their expected lifetime under fairly harsh
    conditions without problems. Just don't expect that lifetime to be more than
    a few years!

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