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VGA plug wiring advice needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tim Sampson, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Tim Sampson

    Tim Sampson Guest

    Hi Folks

    I've got myself in a right pickle trying to fix the broken cable on my
    TFT monitor. It's a Mitac MT-15AX1-NBU. I need to replace the 15 pin plug
    but due to an unfortunate turn of events, I don't know what pins some of
    the wires should solder to.

    What I'm fairly sure about:

    1 Red coaxial wire (RED)
    2 Green coaxial wire (GREEN)
    3 Blue coaxial wire (BLUE)
    4 Short purple wire (ID GND)
    5 Brown wire (GND)
    6 Bridged with 7 & 8 (RED GND)
    7 Bridged with 6 & 8 (GREEN GND)
    8 Bridged with 6 & 7 (BLUE GND)
    9 (+5v)
    10 (Sync return/GND)
    11 (ID GND)
    12 Green wire (ID1/Data)
    13 (Hz Sync)
    14 Yellow wire (Vert Sync)
    15 Orange wire (ID3/Clock)

    The mystery wires:

    A grey coaxial wire (thick like the R,G,B wires)
    A black wire
    The purple wire is a short length which does not continue up the cable to
    the monitor, so probably loops to another pin.

    I guessed that the grey coaxial wire might be Horizontal Sync. When it is
    connected to pin 13, I get a very red, fuzzy picture.

    Can anyone figure out how I should connect my mystery wires?

  2. dunno why you're getting read and fuzzy. Did you connect the ground
    shields on the coax to pins 5-6-7-8-10?

    If that still doesnt work, you can get vga cables pretty cheap on eBay.
  3. Guest

    No, I havent connected the grounds. I will give it a go. However, that
    will still leave me with 2 wires that aren't connected.

    Did I mention that the other end plugs directly into the monitor's
    internal board? If only they had used a standard plug to plug lead.

  4. Not if it's a cable hard-wired into the monitor!

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  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Do you still have the broken plug? When I've replaced those plugs
    before, I used an ohm meter to identify the wires on the plug.
  6. Guest

    If only I had been that wise! The plug had a load of moulded gunk
    holding the wires in place. In trying to pull it away, I dislodged some
    of the wires so I don't know where they go.

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