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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Peter Kiproff, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking into the possibility of sending text at least a bit map of
    characters to a LCD display

    There are several 1/4 VGA LCD's also monitor LCD's, some of these are approx
    6" or so long

    can I drive them with a PIC or do I need to produce video with sync ect.

    I used to use a Sieko LARGE char 16 * 1 LCD with LED backlight however these
    are no longer available

    so I'm looking for options if you can think of any.

    Thanks for your input

  2. Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Guest

    One option that might be open to you or not. Circuit Cellar
    magazine late last year had a very simple circuit with just
    a few ttl counters that was enough to generate one of the vga
    modes. You might see whether that circuit or the article
    that went with it might give you some ideas or a solution.
  3. j.b. miller

    j.b. miller Guest

    You could interface the PIC to a 'generic' ISA VGA video gets
    real easy if you use an 8bitter but unless you've got a stash of 'old stuff'
    or a local 'recycle depot', it might be a little harder to find these old
    I've used 'super I/O ' cards to easily interface PICs to floppies, Hard
    drives, extra RS-232 ports. And for some silly reason today someone dropped
    off 4 'server' towers with 12 slot backplanes in them. makes it real nice to
    test cards out!
  4. Guest

    Peter -

    You might look at our SLCD board at We have
    customers using PICs to drive a 1/4 VGA display.

    Jonathan More
  5. demmel

    demmel Guest

    You may use one of our QVGA iLCD panels, you can use any (Windows
    font and graphics (including animated graphics) loaded via the fre
    setup software to the flash memory of the iLCD panel. Control can b
    done via serial port or I2C even with a very low cost PIC then

    Best regard
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