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VGA Ground Connections

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by =Ray=, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. =Ray=

    =Ray= Guest

    On the VGA pinout, I see that there are five grounds: one for R,G,B, Sync
    and a generic ground. Is there any real difference between these, and can
    I safely combine them?

  2. mike

    mike Guest

    The short answer is, "no."
    The RGB signals are 75 ohm transmission lines. The separate grounds
    match the separate signal lines. They all get connected together
    at the CRT board in a CRT system and some other internal place in a
    TFT system. If you tried to run an extension wire without coax and
    separate grounds, you would get lots of ghosting.

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  3. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    He! watch out! One can be connected to +5V(VGA specs ???).
    On some cables you will see a pin missing there.

    I found out about this, when I connected a flat srceen display
    to a single board computer,burned out all ground traces on that
    connector. That pin carried 5 volts without a limit resistor.
    Supplier told me that was as per spec.
    The display DID connect that pin to ground,so a cable with missing
    pin would have avoided this problem.
    Regards, S Burry.
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