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VGA 15 pin/9 pin Multisync=standard?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by SixteenThirtytwo, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. I'm a little confused about the VGA and Multisync computer monitor

    I know that 15 pins are most common, the pinout being as follows:
    I assume this is the pinout which works for all common PC monitors
    sold today, right?

    But several years ago I had an Nec Multisync II monitor which I used
    with my Atari ST in order to display both video modes (highly
    different sync rates). It had a 9 pin connector with the following

    The notes on that page say that it is "somewhat standard" -can someone
    elaborate on this?
    Is there a standard for Multisync monitors which is different from
    (S)VGA monitors, or did older Multisync monitors have different
    standards a while back whereas now Multisync and VGA monitors both use
    the same type of connector and pinout?
  2. Sambo

    Sambo Guest

    I think the 9 pin was used at first for TTL monitors and then shortly for ANALOG ones as well
    then they switched to 15, I do remember having to get adapter cables and regarding TTL as crap
    , since they had fixed number of colours. I can't be sure but I think Multisync II was atleast analog if not both ( or was it cards could do both most likely).

  3. I have no idea what the difference between TTL and analog monitors
    are, but I'm working on a video output circuit which will allow for
    different monitors to be attached according to which scan rates they
    handle, which is the following:

    - Monochrome mode: 35.70 KHz horiz., 71.2 Hz vert.
    - Colour: 15.75 KHz horiz., 50-60 Hz vert.

    So far I've made the circuit failsafe because different connectors,
    corresponding to the scan rate compatibility is being used:

    - 15 pin VGA (mono mode only)
    - SCART TV connector (colour mode only)
    - Composite out (colour mode only)

    All TV's and whatever connects to composite connectors are able to
    handle the colour syncs, while all VGA/SVGA monitors are able to
    handle the mono syncs, so that solution should be pretty safe.

    But in case I want to connect a monitor which can handle both modes
    (scanning horizontally all the way from 15.75KHz up to 35.70KHz) I was
    hoping I could use a different type of connector from the one I'm
    using for VGA. Two identical connectors could pose a problem with
    older monitors although I've learnt that newer monitors don't fry
    anything if incompatible sync signals are input.
    Are there other standards available for Multisync monitors today?
    Other suggestions for a *different* connector for this?
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