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Vessel hand tools?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nocturnal, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Guest

    I'm looking in particular for their phillips screwdrivers. Can anyone point
    me to a USA retailer that sells these tools?

    Also, A is me posting from another computer.

    Pozi is totally different from what the JIS phillips standard is. Thank you
    in advance.
  2. Think you're getting your standards mixed up. Philips *is* a standard,
    although not much used now as others are better for cross head screws.
  3. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    That's correct. Both Phillips and Posidrive are registered trademarks
    of the Phillips Screw Company. They are different, but they should
    interchange. Posidrive is the better one, however.

    Reed-Prince drivers are different and generally won't work on Phillips
    or Posidrive screws.

  4. Guest

    The best way of ruining screws and screwdrivers is use a standard
    phillips screwdriver in a pozidriv screw and vice versa. It will work,
    but if you need to apply force, the screwdriver will force itself out of
    the head. At least in my experience, that is.
  5. Interesting. Pozidriv is IIRC GKN in the UK - another large screw maker.
    That's one I haven't come across. Japanese used an ISO head - but Pozidriv
    worked well enough. Phillips is pretty rare in Europe these days.
  6. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Guest Keen Nettlefold <sp?>? That is interesting. They disappeared off the
    face of the planet about 20 years ago as far as we down-underites were
  7. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    Many years ago I actually got a phone call from the president of the
    Phillips Screw Company. My guess is that it's now a one-man operation
    that just selles licenses to make screws and drivers. He admitted that
    the Phillips and Posidrive screws and drivers were interchangable and
    were designed to be that way. OTOH, the posidrive combination was
    designed to be less likely to "cam out" under high torque. I believe
    the Posidrive driver in a Phillips screw comes in second. Beyond that
    I have no idea.

    It was an interesting and enlightening conversation.

  8. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

  9. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    I never heard of them here in the US. Others may have, however.

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