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vertical problem with a Toshiba cx32630

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ian V, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. Ian V

    Ian V Guest

    I have a vertical problem with a Toshiba cx32630 t.v.

    it has a stretched top half and slightly compressed bottom, all caps and
    vert I.C. has been changed. voltages o.k. drive seems o.k.

    does it have a hidden menu for heigth and lin.? as it has no controls

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Ian V:
    You probably missed a cap or two...... usually there is a small 1uf @ 50 V
    unit near the jungle chip.... about 4 or 5 inches away from the vertical
    deflection circuitry.... this cap may be red or green ..... and will have
    the same numbering as the other caps in the vertical deflection circuitry
    .... i.e. c3xx or similar. There may be others you missed..... inspect the
    board carefully.
  3. Steve Nosko

    Steve Nosko Guest

    I've been lurking here 'cuz I have the exact same symptom on vertical --
    Toshiba NTSC, US, set (circa ~1992) .

    Shrinking vert size and vert lin greater than 2:1 top to bot. Faster
    (stretched) on top...

    Didn't bring the model # here, but this one DOES have two rear
    screwdriver controls. Brightness and one which is either vert size or vert
    lin - can't tell with the problem, changes both size & lin, but it won't
    correct it.

    Opened it and vacuumed it out. Since the deflection coil wires all go
    to the same area on the main board, it wasn't clear which were vert nor
    which / where was the vert output device. Didn't do anything other than
    (all too brief) visual. All the pots only have "R" numbers, no functional
    labels :)-(

    All the other pot are on daughter boards anyway - I only saw those two on
    the main board accessible out the rear.

    I have a very good scope & dot bar gen.

    BTW I haven't worked on TVs since tubes...

    Sounds like this is usually caps, no?

    A little hand holding about what is in these puppies would be appreciated.

    .. " jungle chip"? . how to know which is it?

    .. " same numbering as the other caps in the vertical deflection circuitry
    .... i.e. c3xx or similar.." So part number prefix is the way to locate
    parts in same circuit?

    Can a body get info - schematics / layouts / phone help / web info easily?
    Or is a buckshot (change all the caps in the vert circuit ) approach

    'nuther issue... or two

    BTW - It does, at times, have trouble "locking" on a higher channel. I
    assume this may be a VCO control line hitting the rail problem. If you
    creep up on it one channel at a time it'll lock, but going 'round the other
    way, from chan 2 to 50 can sometimes just get noise.

    Oh yea - Though not important, the on screen clock NEVER kept good time, but
    it was the wrong way for what you might think is a 50 / 60 Hz jumper error
    (I'm 60 Hz & it runs slow)... weird. How-zit get its timing?
  4. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Ian V & Steve Nosko:

    Do NOT try to make adjustments to compensate for component failures and
    circuitry faults..... not only will the results be LESS than satisfactory
    but the circuitry will be stressed by the failing components and will
    finally result in a much higher price repair bill and more elaborate repair
    procedure with more replacement parts.
  5. Steve Nosko

    Steve Nosko Guest

    Sorry if it sounded that way, but I didn't intend to imply that I was trying
    to adjust it out of failure. I was trying to provide what information I
    could to help any potential helper to understand what the set is and
    therefore provide more meaningful feedback instead of a general buckshot
    approach and to avoide the all too common "you don't give enough informatin
    for us to help you" response.
    I know something is going bad and would appreciate some guidance,
    suggestionsd and/or information, as stated, on the newer hardware.
  6. 2
    Nov 4, 2007
    Vertical problem

    I was wondering, if someone know where I could get the schematic for Toshiba TV CX32630.

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