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Vertical Lines on Samsung 42" RPTV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jMon54, May 5, 2006.

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  1. jMon54

    jMon54 Guest

    My 2 week old 42" Samsung DLP is exhibiting a problem: Regardless of
    input source, even on test patterns, I am seeing faint vertical lines
    about an inch apart
    across the screen. They are most noticeable when viewing lighter
    colors. On some colors, like blue, they do not appear at all.

    (Please do not advise me to have a tech look at it since it is under
    warranty - I know to do that and am awaiting a callback from the shop.)

    Has anyone ever seen this kind of thing on their sets?
  2. kip

    kip Guest

    2 week,s old..Take it back !!!
    Get it replaced unless you want continued trouble.
    Samsung is NOT the best around.
  3. jMon54

    jMon54 Guest

    I was hoping for a diagnostic and or solution oriented reply.
  4. Guest

    So you were expecting a diagnostic reply from a description of faint
    vertical lines?
    Ya, right.

    You need to have a tech who is trained on that specific Samsung model
    and has seen several of them so they can determine if this is really a
    fault with the unit or just normal for the design.

    Maybe not the answer you wanted, but the only and obvious answer.

    Otherwise, take the defective thing back as it obviously does not have
    the quality you expected and get a refund so you can buy another one.
  5. jMon54

    jMon54 Guest

    I do have a tech on the way. All I was expecting was an answer to my
    question which was SIMPLY has anyone else had this problem. That's it.
    This IS a newsgroup for folks with a certain curiosity about such
    matters, no?
  6. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    You are right, but please take into account that a DLP TV is a complex
    device. Also that kind of TV haven´t been around for enough time to
    allow the DLP technollogy to mature. Having said that, it´s highly
    unlikely that someone can tell you whats wrong with your DLP set
    without checking it, because there is not enough experience with these
    sets yet.

    I always think that buying the latest and hotest is not always the wise
    thing to do, because there are lot of chances for anything to go wrong.
    Personally I would have bought a LCD TV.
  7. jMon54

    jMon54 Guest

    UPDATE: The tech came out and within 2 minutes determined the light
    engine in my Samsung RPTV (HL-R4266W) is defective. It'll take about a
    week for them to come back out and actually replace it. Bummer!
  8. Art

    Art Guest

    Part Orders ocassionally take a whole lot longer than that, maybe he was
    just trying to comply with your request of immediate service?
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