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Vertical Amplifier out in our TV-

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BrianAlex, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. BrianAlex

    BrianAlex Guest

    Hi.I've been told that our RCA Mdl.# G25043TN T.V. has a bad vertical
    amplifier that causes the picture to be squeezed down to a horizontal
    line across the middle.
    Where can I purchase such a part and how do I locate the old one to
    The repairman wants "$ 80-90" to fix it and the thing is 17 years
    old,so I'm thinking that it may be worth fixing if I do it myself.I've
    done some electrical soldering successfully and am pretty handy in
    general,and I am aware of the potential high voltage sources in an
    unplugged TV.
    Much thanks-Brian
  2. CJT

    CJT Guest

    It's probably not a single part. If you can find the vertical yoke
    connections, you can probably trace back from there. But $80-90 might
    be a bargain, because you can easily spend that on replacement parts
    while chasing false leads. And you'll likely also need some
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's entirely possible that it's just a cracked solder joint, it's a common
    problem on older TV sets. You may do well to find someone to help you on
    this, a TV is not really a project for the beginner though when it comes to
    TV problems, this is an easy one.
  4. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Being 17 years old, and analog technologies, it may be wise to consider
    replacment with a newer tele. Or fix the set and start putting monies aside
    for the digital to analog convertor.
  5. Bear in mind that, as commercial analog broadcasting will be replaced by
    digital broadcasting in about two years, the set will soon be obsolete
    (other than for cable reception, which will continue to offer analog

    If you can live without the TV for a while, I would recommend putting the
    repair cost toward a widescreen, flat-panel TV that can receive digital
    signals. You can get a decent Vizio for $600 at Costco.
  6. b

    b Guest

    whilst concurring about the cable signals , the tv will not be
    'obsolete'. you can buy readily available, cheap set top digiboxes
    which simply convert the digital signal into RF or composite video
    which ANY - and I repeat - ANY tv can accept.

    all this talk about how you need to go out and spend $$$ on a new set
    is just marketing crap - big business interests keen to get your
    money, whilst people end up sending perfectly usable equipment to the
    landfill. and let's not even compare CRT pictures to flat panel

    Anyway, to get back to the problem. look for an IC mounted on a
    heatsink. they usually have at least 7 pins. You may want to look for
    the schematic on
    After checking the soldering, look for open/burnt resistors nearby
    which suggest the IC is dead shorted. sometimes the resistors are Ok.
    You could just go ahead and replace the ic. (Here in Europe they tend
    to cost from 4€ up to 20€). At the same time, be sure to change also
    the capactors in that circuit which may have caused the ic to fail!!

    In view of the age of the set and your lack of experience i would not
    spend too much on it. treat this as a learning exercise. You can get
    perfectly good used CRT sets as people 'upgrade (sic) to plasma or lcd
    - check local press small ads, yard/car boot sales, yahoo groups:
    'freecycle' in your area or even ebay!

  7. CJT

    CJT Guest

    b wrote:



    Where are you seeing those? Maybe we define "cheap" differently.
  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I haven't watched broadcast TV in years so I'm a bit out of the loop but
    supposedly they'll run about 40 bucks. Vouchers can be had to obtain the
    boxes for free, at least that's the plan. It's hard to get much cheaper than
  9. b

    b Guest

  10. CJT

    CJT Guest

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