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Verizon Internet DSL Filters ?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Robert11, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Robert11

    Robert11 Guest


    Have just received as a gift one of those Sony "recorders" with a HD in it
    that is supposed to be an equivalent to the TiVo units. Haven't played with
    it yet.

    Also, brand new user of Verizon DSL.

    But would like to know if I need one of those Verizon DSL internet filters
    for its
    phone jack, like I apparently need on all my other phone jacks ?

    BTW: what signal content do these things actually filter ?
    High Pass or Low Pass ?

    Where don't you need one; talking with Verizon is hopeless ?

    Does the PC's modem hooked up directly (no router) need one ?
    Between the modem and PC ?

  2. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    Only ones with analogue kit, eg standard telephone, fax, etc.
    Low pass to the analogue port but also present a high impedance to the
    digital ADSL signals on the line.
    Where there isn't anything analogue plugged into the socket.
    Your analogue modem may easily work but may attenuate the digital
    signal, so your broadband won't work. If your PC has an ADSL modem, then
    no filter...
    Put it on the line from wall socket to analogue modem. The no filter is
    needed between analogue modema nd PC. An ADSL modem, of course, mustn't
    be plugged into the filtered output socket.
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