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Veritas 8C - needs a complete reset.

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hi all,

    Excuse my ignorance but I dont know much about alarms having never
    installed one. Ive moved into a new house and there is a veritas 8c
    alarm on the wall. When I went to view the house the alarm wasnt set,
    when I moved in it went off! The estate agent doesnt seem capable of
    getting the code from the vendor and Ive been waiting 2 weeks now with
    a beeping alarm.

    Is it possible to drain the power on the NVM or to reset the panal back
    to the default settings and enter my own user code..? Its only a DIY

  2. Paul Ekins

    Paul Ekins Guest

    Yes it is possible to reset to factory default, but as there are different
    versions of this panel and it will need reprogramming after defaulting, I
    would advise you get a local installer / engineer to do this for you.

    Paul Ekins
  3. Guest

    Thanks for the help..I'm hoping I can reprogram it myself..its quite a
    small setup and I have managed to get the installation manual which has
    lots of help and clear guidence except for the question of resetting
    the panel! Its a veritas 8 compact.

    Im still hoping that the estate agent will come good with the code and
    resetting it is a last resort and if it goes wrong I can then get an
    alarm guru out to reprogram it.

    So if anyone can provide the reset sequence I'd appreciate it.

  4. Guest

    The installation manual does state this;

    "If the Engineer code has been lost, provided it has not been locked
    (section 3.2.2,
    page 21) power down the system (mains and battery). Restore power. All
    indicator lights will illuminate for 10 seconds. Press RESET or SLOWLY
    press and
    release the panel lid tamper spring 3 times, before the indicator
    lights turn off. The
    factory settings have now been re-loaded into the Non Volatile Memory."

    But doesnt mention if this resets the user key code as well..I just
    want my alarm to stop beeping =)

  5. Guest

    Incidentally Im still hopeful the estate agent will come good with the
    code, but if not I'll reset it as a last resort and then if it all goes
    horribly wrong I can get an alarm guru in to reprogram it.

  6. R.H.Campbell

    R.H.Campbell Guest

    It sounds like this is the way to do a factory reset. If the installer code
    has not been locked, it will come back in it's factory fresh programming
    mode with the factory default user and installer code. If the board is
    "locked", you're board is "toast". You'll have to contact J. Rojas on this
    ng and he can assist in unlocking it for you.


    I choose Polesoft Lockspam to fight spam, and you?
  7. Guest

    Thanks very much for the replies....fingers crossed the engineers code
    has not been locked...why would someone do that on a small domestic

    There are no diamonds in this house heheh! I just want it to wake me up
    if there is a fire or if someone is crawling around downstairs.

    I will post and let you know how it went.

    Thanks again
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