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Verifiable Science

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Energy-Ingenuity, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. US patent #7531930 issued May 12, 2009 is a process of using Magnets for producing clean energy! NO ONE would put their name on a patent that claims in the first sentence; "Outputs both mechanical and electrical energy" (that is at the same time), without KNOWING of physical PROOF! But this is notabout ME OR YOU! This is about what we are leaving for OUR children. Wardforce is part of a Magnet or Magnetic Field, that is not a Pole at all. Why should you show this PHYSICAL PROOF that can be found on YouTube videos FREE or buy a documentary video? They may discover something much greater than I can. If you can not see on the first two videos that the "Lenz Law", a "Law of Physics", is questionable, then try to get the documentation he gave in 1834. If you can find it, you cannot read it! BUT DON"T SHOW THIS ABOUT WARDFORCE TO YOUR CHILDREN! My children know about it.
  2. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    No. We've been over this same ground over and over. Actually this
    crap is neither "verifiable" nor "science".
  3. harry k

    harry k Guest

    It isn't even good crap.

    But then it has been a long dry spell since the magnet monkey showed

    Harry K
  4. I did not know that people were on this group that was this stuppid. If you read the US patent, in the first sentance, "outputs both mechanical and electriacal energy", what do you think the in put is? Don't insult me anymore!
  5. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    I don't need to insult you, you insult yourself more than enough with
    your own writings. Just look above!

    To answer your question though: I think your "Input" is smoke, mirrors,
    and obfuscation. Your intended "Output" is apparently money.
  6. harry k

    harry k Guest

    the US patent, in the first sentance, "outputs both mechanical and
    energy", what do you think the in put is?  Don't insult me anymore!

    You are too stupid to even know when you are being insulted. Your
    input is "energy" no matter how you try to hide it.

    Harry K
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