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vegetable presses for oil?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by JTurner, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. JTurner

    JTurner Guest


    How many companies are making oil presses today? Does anyone rate the
    various oil presses for durability, quality and value?

  2. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    I haven't seen any comparisons, but makes
    quality units.
  3. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Well, not having tried both units, I can't say if Taby is overpriced, or
    just well built. Can you?
  4. GeekBoy

    GeekBoy Guest

    Actually to me it looks like a tube mounted to a motor. Though I do agree
    the units do look well made.
    It looks hand made therefore low production/higher costs.

    The cheapest chinese units I have seen may not be the best made. On the
    other hand while the cheapest chinese units (under $1000 delivered) can
    crunch 1 Ton of seed in 24 hours while the best Taby one can only crunch
    around 5500 pounds in the same time.

    Cost to ouput wise, I would prefer to spend that same money for a better
    chinese one and put out hundreds of tons of seed. I am sure one could recoup
    the cost of a faster and cheaper unit within no time. Breaks down? So what
    buy another. Still ahead.

    So yes I would say a seed presser/expeller that can only crunch 5500
    pounds/24 hours for $80,000 I would say is overpriced as compared to one
    that can do several time to work for less price.
  5. JTurner

    JTurner Guest


    Do you have a URL for these Chinese units?

  6. GeekBoy

    GeekBoy Guest


    I am sure it is many times better in the way it is made.
    But you go figure. The cheapest Chinese unit for under $1000 for 1 Ton/24
    hours or $80,000 for 2 Tons/24 Hours

  7. GeekBoy

    GeekBoy Guest

  8. JTurner

    JTurner Guest

  9. Malc

    Malc Guest

    I'm sure you're right. I was just picking up on the "only 5500 pounds per
  10. GeekBoy

    GeekBoy Guest

    I have been looking all over for a cheaper Chinese or Indian oil press in
    the US without luck.

    There is not a very big market in the US for seed presses in the US for
    small scale. Everybody wants everything ready made. Hence the popularity of
    TV dinners.

    Everything I have found out says you will have to look outside the US and
    that is all I have found.

    I have found one company in the SF Bay Area that does have a press for olive
    oil, but it is based on a 10 or 20 ton hydraulic jack and costs well over

    I have also seen free plans for something similar. These are very small
    scale and very inefficient. Would take a whole day just get 1 gallon.

    The Chinese ones are expeller presses that use a screw to squeeze the oil
    and drop the oil right below and expel the waste out the side. These operate

    The company quoted me $650 delivered.

    You would not mind telling me about the import disaster?
  11. JTurner

    JTurner Guest

    Bought a CNC router on the cheap from Ebay. The controller did not come
    with it. Rather than build one or adadt one - that it would be easier to
    buy the OEM controller.

    Contacted the seller and negotiated a price of $1200 delivered. The
    controller was sent to a freight forwarding company and the terminal of an
    international airport near me. The forwarder wanted $250 + shipping to
    clear customs and reship it to me (about 250 miles). I drove down to
    Atlanta to pickup the package and take it thru customs myself. The freight
    forwarder would not release my paperwork unless I paid them a $50
    "paperwork" fee. I spent the majority of a day waiting on a customs
    inspector and the seriously antiquated release process.

    I got the controller home and it was DOA. Chinese company says "It was
    tested and working" and they were not prepared to send another or to have
    this one repaired. I scrapped the controller and built one from a kit.
    The last thing I want to do is import directly if I can help it.

    I sure would like to buy a cheap seed press tho.....
  12. So what does this press sell for?

    I'm wondering if I had one, could I buy low-grade canola from local
    farmers and press my own canola oil to use a Diesel fuel.

    There's about a half-section of canola lying in the swath within a
    quarter-mile of my house.

    Gordon Richmond
  13. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    What, specifically, do you mean by this? eBay is just the forum; they
    are not the seller. I've had over 100 positive transactions on eBay in
    the last 2 months, for instance. Listed another 37 items this weekend.

    So, what exactly do you mean by "that explains everything"? Could you,
    perhaps, be confusing that seller with every other seller? Are you
    assuming that the listing said a controller _was_ with the item?
    Without an item number so we can look at the auction, there's no way to
    know, is there.

    People blaming eBay for bad business deals, are like people blaming the
    post office when they get a "dear John" letter.

    Dave Hinz
  14. JTurner

    JTurner Guest

    I'm interested.

    The ad needs a bit of work - I don't quite understand the specifics of the
    listing. The description says 5.5 kw but I don't recognise anything that
    looks like a motor -- only a pulley. Is the buyer supposed to supply a

    I wonder if the company could supply an mpg of the press working? Do you
    know if this press would be suitable for soybeans?
  15. Mark

    Mark Guest

    It's amazing how much junk I still see of Dave's even though he's in my
    filter. I need to find a way to filter out replies to him as well.

    Please understand that you will turn purple showing him black and white
    common knowledge factual information, and you will get nowhere. Get ready
    for a 'cutesy' reply from him as well trying to, somehow, justify his
    delusional thinking (oh, also get ready for him to take a poke at me as

    Much easier to use a filter than to keep flogging him. He only sees his
    way. Period. There is no other way.
  16. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Ah, so you meant to say "buying overseas from an unknown purchaser"
    Am I the only person who, you know, reads feedback? I mean, you
    wouldn't spend big bucks on someone with a feedback rating of 5, would
    Did you leave feedback accordingly, so people can be warned?
    Let's see. Name brand jeans at a steep discount from China. I'm sorry,
    but applying the "reasonable man" test, it's hardly a surprise that
    they're fakes, is it?
    Probably, yes. I guess that one should be careful when buying, you
    know, sketchy merchandise then, sholdn't they.
    Um, it's you who apparently can't read feedback ratings, not me.

    I notice you missed this point?
  17. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    It's amazing how you cowardly snipe at me from behind your killfile.
    Here's a suggestion - either come out from behind mommy's skirt, or just
    stay hidden. Trying to have it both ways confirms your intellectual
  18. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Gosh, look at that, Mark's got a fan.

    Point remains that you made a blanket statement apparently blaming eBay
    in general for an alleged bad experience, without any kind of
    information for an outside observer to know the, you know, real story.
  19. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Wonderful. Do me a favor and killfile me, then, so you don't
    accidentally offend Mark by answering something I write, would you?

    I take it, by the way, that you didn't leave negative feedback on your
    scammer, so the rest of us can be warned off? Thanks alot.
  20. Uh, Dave... Was he really worth the trouble of the four extra posts :)
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