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VDO tachometer-hourmeter with bad display

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Dino, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. Dino

    Dino Guest

    Tachometer - hourmeter VDO N02-070-109
    The RPM portion is OK while the hourmeter LCD display has a
    random problem, most of the time is blank, occasionally
    shows flickering numbers while rarely shows a correct
    number. The counter seems to increase correctly
    I've disassembled and cleaned and would like to test it, but
    the VDO site do not contains documentation for obsolete
    The rear has 4+1 faston connectors ( + / - / S+ / S- / ?).
    Connecting 12V to + and - point the display stay blank.
    Hany suggestion or link?
    Thanks Dino
  2. Dino

    Dino Guest

    Thaks for the link.

    The above link do not show any details about wiring

    I have decided to progress with a separate hourmeter and
    leave the original tachometer only for the RPM display.

    The reason is because of the uncertainty of hourmeter
    connection. The VDO is connected to the motor with two wires
    that carry the RPM pulse. It is my believe that RPM pulses
    are internally analyzed to originate the "motor running"
    information to the original hourmeter.

    I'm progressing with a mechanical 12V hourmeter and a small
    12V relay connected to the alternator output.
  3. Dino

    Dino Guest

    My design is based on a real "motor running" hourmetering,
    while, your proposal is to consider the "power to the
    engine" equal to "engine running", that is almost true.

    I've been captured by VDO electronic design, and lost the
    practical side of the problem.
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