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VCR won't record or playback color

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by VCR Gymnast, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    A portable Beta VCR from 1985 works perfectly except there is no color:

    1. Pre-recorded color tapes play back in B&W
    2. Tapes recorded on this VCR play back in B&W on this VCR
    3. Tapes recorded on this VCR play back in B&W on other known good VCRs

    Therefore, the VCR can neither record nor playback color signals. What
    is the most likely cause?

    Is it the 3.58 MHz oscillator, the comb filter, the color killer, or
    lack of a color burst? Or, is it just a defective transistor or IC that
    contains an internal B&W/color switch?

  2. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    My guess would be the 600kHz<>3.58MHz conversion circuits. Do u have a
    schemo for this unit and what kind of test signals are u capable of
  3. b

    b Guest

    VCR Gymnast ha escrito:
    Today I fixed a sony vhs with this symptom. e-e pic ok, tapes no
    colour, as you describe. had to resolder a bit in the y/c section and
    replaced several 1uF caps and the 4.43 xtal for good measure.
  4. Puckdropper

    Puckdropper Guest

    Have you tried cleaning the heads? We had one that went to black and
    white and cleaning the heads made it come back to color part way.

  5. Make sure there isn't a color / bw switch somewhere, like on the back panel.
    Seen it on U-Matics, anyway...

    Mark Z.
  6. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    I cleaned the heads both manually and with a Scotch cassette cleaner,
    but no improvement. Video remains B&W.
  7. VCR Gymnast

    VCR Gymnast Guest

    There is no external BW/Color switch. This switch is present inside an
    IC somewhere in the chroma circuit, which is a separate module in this
    very small modular VCR. Even though this VCR is a Beta from 1985, it is
    the smallest VCR ever made.
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