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vcr to dvd

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Tom, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Hello everyone. Here's my problem; I would like to convert my vhs
    tapes to dvd. The vcr I'm using is a tv/vcr combo (Samsung CXJ 1331)
    which only appears to have a video/audio IN input, as well as a
    coaxial cable type input. Is there no way I can use this to transfer
    my tapes, or will I have to buy another vcr?
  2. If you have no video or audio output, I think you've answered your own
    question :)
  3. He said there was an output... the TV screen! Point a camcorder at the
    screen, and dump over firewire to disk. :)
  4. You can also use that technique to copy rental tapes or even at the movie
    theater (at your own risk! :)
  5. SolarWind

    SolarWind Guest

    Check the RF Coaxial output (RF) Conectors, if that is the VCR RF
    signal output, such as channel 3 or 4 output, you can connect it to
    DVD RF input.
    Chech your manual, and make sure the RF output connector is not a
    bypass of the RF input!
  6. John

    John Guest

    Yes it can be done, but unless you upgrade your equipment you will not
    be satisfied with the result. For starters, yes you can use RF, but
    the quality at the end will not be great. I personally would get a
    new/used 4head stereo VCR with RCA out jacks. VCRs are dirt cheap
    these days. Also get a short set of shielded RCA cables, trust me on
    this one.

    Ok so you need to play the movie while capturing it on your computer
    (2 hrs). Then you need to encode and burn this video 2 hrs or more. No
    matter what, you will always end up with less than VHS quality movies.
    Yes some movies only come on VHS, so this is the route you will have
    to take. If you can find the same movies on DVD at a movie rental
    store or an online DVD rental souce you can copy those movies with DVD
    Decrypter and DVD Shrink (both free) getting a DVD quality copy, with
    less hastle in less than a quarter of the time.

    Not that I care, but if you own a VHS of a movie, is it legal to copy
    a rented DVD of the same movie? Technically you have a license to view
    that movie.
  7. John

    John Guest

    One more thing I found out the hard way. Before you record the whole
    video, record a 20sec to 1min clip. Listen while you record, adjust
    your speaker to a reasonable volume. Then play the sample back. If the
    playback sound is too loud and/or distorted, you need to adjust your
    line in recording volume level in your sound options.
  8. what the heck is the difference between 4-head and 2-head VCR's? or HiFi and
    LoFi VCR's?
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