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VCR stops early in timer-recording

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by fjp999, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. fjp999

    fjp999 Guest

    Hi all, looks like a great group here.

    I have been using this one JVC S-VHS recorder for a number of years and
    it may just be getting old.

    I have been using it to record a 3 hour daily morning show. No problems
    except for a few days ago.

    The timer recording stopped before the three hours. I noticed it and
    pressed the record button three times so that it would record for
    another hour and automatically stop. I let it go and then noticed that
    it stopped early as well.

    The next day the three hour recording stopped at exactlly the same area
    causing me to think that it was maybe a tape issue. I put in another
    tape for the next mornings taping and it worked. I thought that was
    that but then the next day (today) this tape also ended early by about
    15 mins.

    The first shut down tape of a few days ago, when played, would also
    shut down the vcr at the area of the memory recording shut down. It
    plays then makes a strange electrical vibration noise then shuts down.
    I am playing todays tape and no shut downs at all - yet...

    I am guessing that it is a serious problem and just need to find a new

    thanks for any suggestions that might keep this one alive.
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Could be a belt, drive wheel, roller, etc.. ever fix one?
  3. fjp999

    fjp999 Guest

    Nope, never really had much luck with electronics and dont think I
    could do well with these fingers.

    The machine just played a 2.5 hour vid with no problems. Would these
    issues be possible if it was playing with no trouble then have the
    issues with the timer?

    thanks for responding,
  4. Try a different brand of tape first.
  5. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    The start of the tape only has a small diameter to wind on to the spool,
    as the tape progresses the diameter increases and the amount of torque
    required from the drive motor increases. At some point if the slip clutch
    slips too much or a drive belt slips then it will cease to rotate, reel
    rotation sensor notices this and cuts the drive to avoid great loops of tape
    in the cassette. Likely to be the same for playing the ends of tapes as

    VCR repair briefs on my file
  6. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Check the obvious first. Make sure the tape quality is not set to SP and
    you have a two hour (T-120) tape. To get 3 hours, you would need to use a
    lower quality and/or an extended tape (T-160).


  7. fjp999

    fjp999 Guest

    Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

    I have another tape in the machine which gave me the same problem
    yesterday but not today. Got my three hours as instructed. And yes the
    machine is set to record EP as I am already getting over two hours even
    when it doesnt respond accurately.

    Anyways, will mark this somewhat resolved, by itself, but will come
    back for more suggestions if, cross ones fingers, that it ever returns.

    thanks again all,
  8. I have many tapes which play and wind fine while one from the same batch
    won't rewind and stops while recording. Some are just bad.
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