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VCR Or The Remote?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ron, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    I have an old clunker of a set, a combined TV and VCR that somebody
    gave to us, which works well enough so I keep using it. Or it did: For
    some reason the remote now only controls the TV and not the VCR: I
    press play, rew,, etc and nothing at all happens.

    The remote that came with the unit was nort the original remote, but
    it worked okay until a couple of days ago when it suddenly stopped
    working rigt. Is the problem in the remote, or did something in the
    VCR finally give away and died on me?

  2. The Lady from Philadelphia sez...

    "Borrow a friend's universal remote, and set it for this unit. That should
    reveal where the problem lies."
  3. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    Usually, those controls do nothing until a tape is inserted. Do the
    front-panel buttons still work? If they don't, it's likely the tape-insertion
    sensor switch is dirty. Insert and eject several times, it might clear up.
  4. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Have you checked the battery to see if it is weak?

  5. It's possible that the remote is set to another function, like to control a
    tv or other component.

    If it were the original vcr remote this would not be the case, since REW, FF
    etc would still work.

    Mark Z.
  6. chuck

    chuck Guest

  7. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    I kinda like some of the X10 remotes (starting at $5 from; these
    have RF as well as infrared output, so you can use 'em with radio modules
    for non line-of-sight applications, including bridges to control
    house lighting and suchlike. Or as a mouse for a computer.
  8. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    No, designed by someone who doesn't use remotes.
  9. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    Yes in my experience.
  10. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Yes for Philips and their remote hosts a reset button right next to
    the pause button so that you can be sure to eject the disk and have to
    start all over instead of just going to the crapper for a few
    minutes. These remote designers need to be drug out back and shot so
    they can't do it again and again and again. I have several Philips,
    they are ALL horrible remotes to use, the French are simply insane.
    Apex, however is dream come true, intuitive, clever, quick - but no
    longer in business.
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