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VCR Grundig/Philips SMPS NSM1, convert to NSM1A ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by H. Kallner, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. H. Kallner

    H. Kallner Guest

    Can anyone provide me with information or schematics on the NSM1/NSM1A
    PSU in Grundig/Philips VCRs and their differences?

    I have Grundig GV404SV VCR with blown primary switcher SPH4692 in PSU
    type NSM1 (aparently a Philips PSU). Repair KIT ES7052 for the SMPS
    NSM1 is NLA from my suppliers, as is the SPH4692 chip itself.
    My approach now is to convert the NSM1 into the NSM1A type SMPS which
    AFAIK uses TDA4605-3 and IRFBC30(?) instead of SPH4692. But since I
    have no schematic of the NSM1 and NSM1A SMPS to compare, I don't know
    if there is the need to change/add components when converting from
    SPH4692 to TDA4605-3/IRFBC30.
    The original Grundig Service Manual for this particular unit is of no
    use in this case, since it only depicts the MSM1/MSM1A SMPS and their
    conversion from SPH4690 to TDA4605-3/BUZ90A.
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