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variac/dc power supply repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ryan Underwood, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Smitty Two

    Smitty Two Guest

    We're all busy. If you've got time to write long posts complaining about
    the treatment you perceive yourself to be receiving here, you've got
    time to go buy a fuse and stick it in there. So go do it.
  2. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    You came across something which was obviously a fuse or fuseholder
    which you hadn't seen before. You knew the item you were asking about
    on the unit was a fuse because it was marked so, and even had the
    value and slo-blo written alongside it. The thing has a screw cap
    which you removed so if this didn't give the clue that "duh, some type
    of fuse must go in here". then no wonder other people are frustrated
    at your posts.

    So, before getting on the NG and posting did it occur to you to do
    some research on the web, even if it was only to protect yourself from
    ridicule because of your ignorance on the matter? By typing two words
    "fuse fuseholder" (without the quotes) into Google would reveal in the
    second picture a 3AG fuseholder similar to the one you had in front of

    Clicking More Info on this item takes you to
    and it says "screw style cap" and "suits 3AG and MDL style". Now that
    writing 3.2A SLO-BLO on your unit must refer to the fuse which goes in

    Browse by Category menu on the right would have revealed there were
    separate categories for "Fuses" and "Fuseholders", so have a look at

    Here we find a sub-category "MDL (Slow-Blow)" so that takes us to

    Item 5 is the closest you will get at 3A so now you know all you
    needed to before getting on the NG and posting.

    Look first, and when you have done your research ask questions from a
    basis of at least having done something yourself.
    Now hang on a minute... You didn't tell us before now that you were
    supplied the unit "without the fuse", so how was anybody supposed to
    guess this fact. So, NO, it is not a reasonable assumption for us to
    "guess" that it had "previously blown a fuse". Only yourself would
    have been able to make that assumption. We aren't psychic you know...

    Given the information you provided we had to assume (wrongly it now
    seems) that you knew what a fuseholder was and the type of fuse to
    use, and that you had powered it up but it didn't work. We assumed you
    would have ensured there was a fuse in it since you had all the info
    written on the unit. And since you didn't say that fuse blew, we
    assumed that your problem related to continuity within the fuse. These
    things are so obvious to us that we didn't think to ask "have you
    tried a new fuse in the fuseholder?" because we thought you would have
    done this already.
    You are dead right there.... so why didn't you do it?

    All right, we NOW know that you weren't aware that this style of fuse
    holder used a tubular fuse but we couldn't guess that could we. After
    all tubular fuses have been around since about 1930 and panel mount
    fuseholders have been around for at least 50 years and anybody who is
    even vaguely familiar with electronic equipment will have come across
    them. The fact is you knew the object was a fuse because it was there
    in white letters. It is obvious you must have unscrewed the cap and
    found nothing there so pray tell me why this didn't prompt you to ask
    yourself "now how can this fuse thing work when I have this completely
    disconnected screw cap in my hand and there is nothing at all in it?"
    Bloody hell, if it wasn't immediately obvious there was a bit missing
    then your logic is non existent.
    Try to imagine that you are asking for help "by remote control". We
    can't see what you have in front of you so you have to describe it in
    detail. Heck, if I hadn't dug up that pic of the power supply by
    Googling nobody would have had much of an idea of what you were
    talking about.
    You seemed a candidate for a disclaimer because when it became obvious
    you had never come across a panel mount fuseholder in your life. Then
    it seemed possible you didn't have any electronics knowledge and you
    might put yourself in danger by following suggestions. Anybody who has
    dabbled in electronics in the last 50 years or more will have come
    across this common type of fuseholder so it would have been highly
    improbable that you hadn't seen one before.

    What is a "flex metal" type fuse? I've never heard of it. What type of
    "consumer electronics" are you talking about? Are you talking
    whitegoods such as microwave ovens, washing machines etc? If so, you
    are right, they don't have panel mount fuseholders. They don't want
    ignorant people replacing the fuses when they don't know what they are

    When whitegoods have a fuse it will usually be concealed inside but in
    most cases that I have come across they are still tubular fuses either
    ceramic or glass and generally size 3AG and mounted in an open style
    fuse clip with a plastic insulating cover of some sort. A microwave
    oven is a good example.
    If you had given all the info to start with, and done some research,
    you would have received the correct advice. Given the paucity of info
    then you can't blame people for getting up your arse. The "hostility",
    as you put it, came about because of frustration due to you not
    providing all the info you had, or should have had, before posting.
  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    I can only add to all that Ross has said. Most of us who take the trouble to
    try to help posters on here, are professional engineers in one field of
    electronics, or another, and it would be grossly irresponsible of us to help
    an inexperienced poster to his death, by recommending that he start work on
    something that he did not understand. That is why you have suffered the type
    of replies that you have from some respondents.

    For what it's worth, I think that I probably understood where you were
    coming from on this, in your earlier posts, but unfortunately, some of the
    observations that you then went on to make, didn't help your case one little
    bit, and the " abuse ( ?? ) " started. All I can ask is that you don't get
    too offended by this, and stop coming to the group. Whilst the nature of the
    posters has changed over the last five years, and probably the way that the
    group is used now, there are still many good people on here, ready and
    willing to help.

    Please take Ross's good advice on board. It will help you in the future.
    Also, please remember that Newsgroups are international, and whilst the
    primary language in use is English, there are a number of different
    variants - as in English English, American English, Australian English and
    so on. What may seem like a clear statement to you, in whatever your variety
    of English is, might appear to be utter nonsense to someone else who speaks
    a different variety. Also, bear in mind that what might seem like an
    offensive reply to you, might just be harmless banter from the respondents
    point of view. I've seen many people get upset over this one.

    Take a deep breath, calm down, and put your new fuse in. If it works, come
    back and tell us. If it doesn't work, or blows, again, come back and tell
    us, clearly, what does happen, and I'm sure we'll all just start again, and
    offer you what help we can.

  4. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Nicely encapsulated Arfa :)

    Yes Ryan, we will sincerely try to help once you have established some
    facts as to what is happening. Without concise info we are just making
    wild guesses.
  5. Guest

    I don't want to interrupt your outburst (heck we all have to let it out
    at times), but let me point out several things:

    1) Another poster posted a picture of a similar supply, which I
    confirmed had the same type of fuse, and which I assumed everyone had
    access to refer to. It was pointed out to me that not everyone has a
    news reader configured to display inline images.

    2) Why on earth would I have mistaken the holder for the fuse if there
    were a fuse in it to begin with?

    3) I can't buy the correct fuse locally. I either waste several
    dollars on shipping for a single order, or I wait until I have a batch
    of parts for several projects that I need to order.

    4) I have "dabbled" in electronics for at least the past 15 years and
    have never run across this type of fuse holder, ergo, at least one
    statement regarding my lack of intelligence is false. "Electronics" is
    a big and diverse field.

    5) Apologies for the image link, but this is the fuse holder I am
    talking about that I do in fact see in almost everything I have
    repaired. I would be extremely surprised if you have not:
  6. Guest

    I'm not offended. It takes a lot to offend me. And I'm certainly not
    going to be offended by someone who spends their free time helping
    others for something they could charge money for. All I'm saying is
    taking an unclear post, and from there jumping to conclusions about the
    intelligence of the poster - instead of simply stating that the post
    was unclear - is nothing more than noise. Posting nothing at all is
    better than posting noise.

    I guess I'm not going to get any more replies since I'm in everyone's
    kill file by now. But I really didn't feel like the ad hominem attacks
    were on target with respect to reaching a conclusion. Not that they
    have to be - it's not my time they are wasting - but if the intent is
    to convince me that I'm incompetent, I'm not interested, since I can
    gauge my own level of competence and act (or not act) accordingly.
  7. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    I would doubt that you are in everyone's killfile - yet. But may I
    respectfully ask that we just leave it as it is now. I'm sure we all
    understand where you're coming from, and none of us wants to question your
    intelligence. For the most part, from what I see in the many posts, it was
    your expertise and competence to work on line powered equipment with a
    degree of personal safety, that was being questioned, and I certainly don't
    have a problem with that. I have no desire to help lead you to death or
    injury. The reason that posters questioned your ability, was because you
    were unable to recognise a type of fuseholder that has been used for many
    years on all manner of equipment types - not just test equipment, but if
    you've never had cause to work on such equipment, then fine, we will accept
    that you were misled by a component that you didn't recognise, and not
    question your competence, further.

    Now, as I said before, calm down, forget about all the comments that you
    considered to be at least unkind to you, if not offensive, put a new fuse
    in, and tell us what happens. If it doesn't work, tell us, and we'll do our
    best to help you.

  8. My only comment is that for someone to never have seen a fuse holder
    like that means you have nver had the joy of working on older equipment
    or industrial equipment. Those are the style fuse holder found in nearly
    every non-consumer electronic equipment. If all you've dealt with are
    computers, then perhaps not. But just do any kind of search on eBay,
    for example, of "electronic equipment" and that's what you'll find.

    --- sam | Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ:
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    subject line. Or, you can contact me via the Feedback Form in the FAQs.
  9. Smitty Two

    Smitty Two Guest

    Intelligence comes in many forms. If you know what a fuse does, that is,
    connect two parts of a circuit, then you *should* have been able to tell
    that the fuseholder wasn't doing that all by itself. That is a
    particular form of intelligence called logic.

    Also, if you know what a fuse does, and use logical, rational, problem
    solving type of thinking, then you wouldn't jump to the conclusion that
    a missing fuse equals a defective piece of equipment, particularly when
    we're talking about a device that provides power to other things. It's
    equally likely, if not more so, that whatever was last plugged into the
    thing blew the fuse. Again, a failure of logic.

    It's also possible that the last owner of the thing, uh, borrowed the
    fuse for something that he needed more urgently.

    I'm going to make you an offer. Delete the first h in my name, and send
    me an email with your mailing address, and I'll send you a couple of
    fuses at my expense. Then, perhaps, you can get to work doing whatever
    you wanted to do with the thing in the first place.
  10. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Smitty, that's a great offer of help. I would have done the same
    except sending fuses from Australia by airmail is many times the cost
    of the fuses themselves.

    And to Ryan, I very much doubt that anyone has you on their killfile
    list. I certainly don't, and anyway, there are a whole heap of very
    obnoxious posters well ahead of you for this treatment :)

    Just take the advice of Arfa and Smitty and carry out some more
    testing and note what takes place then tell us here. I'm sure that we
    will be able to steer you in the right direction. Any schematic
    details you can work out by inspection would be handy, but here is
    where knowledge of components is vital in order to describe what you
    are talking about. Nevertheless, you can only try and see how it goes
    from there.
  11. Have it your way. You have been doing a great job of pissing off some
    of the most helpful people on this newsgroup.

    Enough said. :)

    --- sam | Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ:
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    Important: Anything sent to the email address in the message header above is
    ignored unless my full name AND either lasers or electronics is included in the
    subject line. Or, you can contact me via the Feedback Form in the FAQs.
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