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Valuable museum stocks?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Computer Man, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Computer Man

    Computer Man Guest

    Needing a bistable to operate on a supply voltage from
    3 to 8 volts (depending upon the state of discharge of the
    battery in my R/C model), and not having any suitable
    CMOS to hand, I fashioned one in the DTL style from the
    junk box.

    Which led me to muse ... when the bulk of electronics
    mass-production has moved to miniature surface mount
    components, will the junk boxes held by enthusiastic
    amateurs, with their myriad of wire-ended components
    prove to be the gold mine that funds their retirement pensions?

    (I've probably got 5000 NPN small-signal BJTs that I'll
    never get around to using!)
  2. Don Stauffer

    Don Stauffer Guest

    Probably not. There was so much of that stuff around that it is
    considered junk, and very few museums value it much. Not that I am
    happy at that situation. I hope at least a few specialty (electronics)
    museums pick up a fair amount of representative junk. I cry sometimes
    when I hear of old computers that were trashed.

    Speaking of which, I was doing my own collecting for a desktop home
    collection of old computer stuff. I had a small board of core memory. I
    was cleaning it up one day when the soldering iron and its holder fell
    off an upper shelf and landed SQUARE on the core area, really trashing
    it. Anyone have a board with some core memory on it they don't want?
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