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vacuum pump

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    i hope somebody can help me. i bought a doerr pump at a garage sale the

    other day. they guy tol dme it had never been used but tis a little
    old. it has a strange plug almost looks like a 240 volt. but the pump
    says that its 115v. i know very little about motors! when i connect it

    to my outlet with some wires.. it makes a humming noise and starts to
    heat up. the motor is defineitly not spinning. im pretty sure the pump
    works, im just doing something wrong. any ideas? the following is on
    the pump patent:3311293 insul class a 5.4 A 60HZ 1725 rpm 1/4 hp mod no

    0522v103c(?)186 single phase mtr ref 50156aa733 fr h487. thanks for
    your help!
  2. NSM

    NSM Guest

    For what purpose? How is the lubrication?
  3. Guest

    i plan on using it for vacuum distillation. it is a "lube less" pump.
    it says to clean it out with solvent whil it is running.
  4. Guest

    i got it working! any idea where i can get new graphite for the rotor?
  5. Mark

    Mark Guest


    auto parts store?

    they sell it in little tubes for lubing locks

  6. A pump that hasn't been used for a long time might be stuck. Can you
    get at the motor to see if it turns freely?

    What exactly does the plug look like? Possibly a twist-lock, or are the
    prongs not at the same orientation as for a normal 3 prong 115 plug?

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  7. Its not that kind of grphite. He needs to replace the graphite vane.

  8. Probably from the manufacture of the pump. Its a precision machined
  9. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Check the wiring under the cover, many motors can be wired to 120 or 240v
    though I've seen a couple that only had one voltage printed on them.
  10. Some vacuum pumps - like for medical use - will have induction motors
    which are happy to run for very long periods. One way to start these is
    via a capacitor. If that has failed - as it could with age - the motor
    won't start but simply get hot.
  11. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Interesting. My first thought for that would have been a venturi pump run
    off a faucet.

    These mechanical pumps I think of for purging refrigeration systems.
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