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Utterly amazing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by martin griffith, Jun 29, 2005.

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    sheesh, now I can(almost) find out when people post crap usenet
    messages from.

    Then I'll send in the troops and ruin your day


  2. Pat Ford

    Pat Ford Guest

    That is way too cool!
  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Wow. If you just type "San Francisco" our new building is almost in
    the center of the first image.

  4. OK
    be honest, how long have you wasted on the google earth prog?

    for me, its 2hrs so far, even saw some windsurfers.
    The pix (of spain anyway) must be less than 2 years old, thats the age
    of my house.

    Havent figured how to post a googURL of a location yet

  5. SioL

    SioL Guest

    Damn, they suspended it for the time being:

    The Earth At Night (Beta Temporarily Closed)

    Welcome, frustrated would-be planet surfer.

    We appreciate your interest in accessing 3D geospatial information, but due to the technical limitations of this beta launch, Google
    Earth has been forced to take a brief breather. Please check back with us soon.


    The Google Earth Team

    End Quote
  6. Same here. I get:

    "Google Earth downloads temporarily delayed

    Thanks for your interest in Google Earth, but we're sorry we can't
    offer you a download right now. As you know, Google Earth is in beta,
    and we're still building out our ability to take on new users. We're
    making good progress, and expect to be able to accept new downloads
    shortly, so we recommend you check back daily at We
    hope to be able to welcome you and other new planet surfers soon."

    BTW, first time I've come across "building out" as meaning
    'developing'. Is that a new Americanism I should log?
  7. Guest

    It blows to see the LARGE area of woods I played in as a child turn to
    housing developement spraw.l
  8. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    I'm sure I've heard it before. Funny how new phrases keep popping up like that.

    One that contines to irritate me though is *slowing up* - presumably these ppl also use 'speeding down' ?

  9. Richard H.

    Richard H. Guest

    Hmmm. We use it as a synonym for "constructing" facilities and
    supporting infrastructure (e.g., data center build-out; adding servers /
    capacity), but not meaning "development".

    I'd guess they hit the subscriber threshold for the beta platform and
    cutoff new downloads to control the load.

  10. Brad Albing

    Brad Albing Guest

    Yep. Here too. I took a look at the areas around my favorite railroad
    tracks back in Buffalo (around which I played as a kid). The tracks are
    gone as is the entire raised right-of-way -- replaced by a shopping
    mall. I was so bummed....
  11. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    It's even bummier (if that's a word) to see that your childhood
    neighborhood, once brand-spanking new homes for veterans returning
    from WWII, has become a slum :-(

    ...Jim Thompson
  12. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    Well many areas I knew as a kid (Salford, Greater Manchester- look it
    up) were slums already, and had been for a hundred years (though I was
    lucky enough to live in a rather better area). Then they knocked it
    down, rebuilt it, and 25 years later, guess what... it's a slum again.

    Paul Burke
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