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usual floppy drive breakdown?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    what usually breaks down in floppy drives with moderate mileage?
  2. What sort and size of drive?

  3. Dried out lubricant, and dirty heads.

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  4. They get full of dirt and grit, because air has been pulled through
    them. This obviously varies with the size, since older 5.25" drives
    were open, but 3.5" had a flap, except for a lot of Mac 3.5" drives.

    They seize up from lack of use.

    I suspect heads get mangled, because someone has put a floppy
    in badly or the wrong way and tried to jam it in.

    Decades ago, a lot was made of adjusting the speed of the motor,
    and about head alignment. You don't hear about that much anymore,
    but I have no idea if that's because the drives got better, or (and
    I suspect this is a more immediate reason) the drives got so cheap
    that it made more sense to replace the drive than do labor intensive

    And the far lower costs (I paid hundreds of dollars for my first drive
    in 1984, even about five years later they'd dropped considerably, and
    I have no clue how much they cost since I have so many spare drives from
    scrapped computers) means that few really keep track of how floppy
    drives fail now. They just replace the drive, and that's it.

  5. Jeff Findley

    Jeff Findley Guest

    They're still pretty cheap, but eventually, I figure they'll go up in price
    since so few new PC's even have a floppy drive anymore. But I'm like you,
    I've got enough spare floppy drives that I don't worry about this anymore.

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