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Using mouse IR sensors

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by shehry, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. shehry

    shehry Guest


    I was trying to use the IR sensors and the optical encoder in my mouse
    to find my dc motor's rpm but i have run into some problems.

    when i opened the mouse i saw two slotted wheels each having its own
    pair of ir receiver and transmitter. the transmitter was a two pin
    device and the receiver a 3 pin device. as far as i know the 3 pin
    device has one pin extra so that you can also know the direction of
    rotation. since i didnt need the direction of rotation, i left it open.

    i connected one pin of the transmitter to the Vcc via a resistor. The
    other to the common ground. as for the receiver i left one pin open
    (explained above), the centre pin to gnd and the third pin to Vcc via a
    resistor and before the resistor i took the output

    it looks somewhat like this

    gnd vcc
    | |
    | (R)

    (Receiver )
    (open)__| | |_____(R)_____
    | |___output

    But the problem is that the IR fails to give any ouptut at all. I made
    sure i had the terminals right but i cant seem to figure what might be
    the problem. can anyone help?

    ps: in the ps/2 mouse however the circuit was slightly different. one
    pin of the receiver and one of the transmitter were connected to CLK.
    and one pin of the transmitter was pulled low via a resistor. the
    remaining two pins of the receiver became inputs of the mouse
    controller. i tried to make that circuit too...but it didnt work. :(

  2. How have you tested if you have any IR output?
    Is there any voltage across the LED?
    A good test for IR can be a simple b/w video cam which usually dosen't have
    an IR filter (you probably already know this) otherwise, are you sure you
    are using the correct two pins to the receiver device? or is it a photo
    tranny or something and therefore needs all three pins?

    Mark K.
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