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Using Insigna PC Speakers with a TV

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by W. Watson, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    I have a threesome speaker set in the Subject line, and realized it might be
    possible to use it with a fairly modern LCD TV. The manual shows it might be
    done, but spares details. It looks like I'd need a female socket with two
    RCA jacks (for sound) at the other end. The only speaker cable coming out of
    the unit has a green male end. I usually put that in the speaker plug if I
    want to use these speakers. What's the name of the cable I need with the
    female plug and two RCA jacks?
  2. Fred

    Fred Guest

    It's called a "Saw You Coming" cable. it is one which any
    fool could make up for $2 but which shops will sell you
    for $20.
  3. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    Powered speakers, 40 watts. Yes, RS is a source, but I thought if I got a
    name for what I seek, I could find it on Amazon. Amazon is usually way
    cheaper than stores on cables. I just bought a 3' 5-pin usb with a common
    usb on the other end for $12. $29 at Staples.
  4. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    You're wrong. $29. See my last post before yours.
  5. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    It doesn't look like my Sharp LCD LC-13AV1U allows for speaker output.
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