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Using both 2000 and 2200 mAh batteries together

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Is there any problem recharging 2000 and 2200 mAh batteries alongside
    each other? I have a battery that charges two at a time, and I've
    wondered if that can wear on the batteries. Same with using them in my
    camera's flash - should I be using only one kind or another? Thanks in
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    To be safe I would use the same values but I don 't /think/ you'll have a
  3. Guest

    No problems as of yet... But my flash takes 5 AA batteries and I only
    have 4 of each kind! I might just switch over to all one kind and get
    a high-capacity battery and a moderately quick charger.
  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    They not only have to be the same type, they have to all be at exactly
    the same state of charge. If one of them discharges before the others
    (they're in series, right?), then current continues to flow, the weaker
    one goes "below zero", i.e, gets a reverse charge, which will destroy
    the cell.

    I'd say, get a 6- or 8-cell charger.

    And as far as doing pairs, they have to be not only the same type, AH
    rating and so on, but probably out of the same bubble-pack, to be

    Good Luck!
  5. Guest

    Oh my! I can't remember all that stuff. I guess the lesson would be to
    take them all out of the flash at once and charge them all together.
    Until I get one of those intelligent chargers that chargers them
  6. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Yes - take them all out, charge them all, then put them
    back in.

    Regarding using mixed mAh rated cells:
    Rich is right - if you want to do the best you can, then
    you should use identical cells. But as a practical matter,
    you can mix 2000 with 2200 mAh cells without instantly
    inviting disaster. The proviso is that you don't discharge
    them too far. That same proviso applies to using identical
    cells - don't discharge them too far. You have more margin
    for error when the cells are identical.

    Concerning mixed rating cells: With 5 cells rated at 1.2 volts
    each in series, and all cells fully charged, there will not be
    the "cell reversal" phenomenom. That can't happen, until one
    of the cells becomes discharged down to about .8 volts. With
    identical cells, the discharge rate will be about the same
    for all cells; with non-identical cells, some will discharge
    faster than others.

    Regarding charging:
    With some chargers, charging 2 cells of different ratings
    at the same time may result in improper charging. You can
    build a simple and very cheap charger that avoids that,
    and will happily charge cells of 2000 & 2200 mAh ratings
    simultaneously. There are "smart chargers" that can do
    better, but are more expensive.

    One last thing - just because a charger is advertised as a
    "smart charger" doesn't mean it is good for all rechargeables,
    or for that matter, even the rechargeables it was "designed"

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