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using a UV led as a detector

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Peter Lynch, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Peter Lynch

    Peter Lynch Guest

    The plan is to build some sort of meter for measuring the UV light
    from the sun. Now I'm not talking about UV-indexes or any sort of
    medical/lab-quality measurements, just a hobby level goofing around
    I know that a normal LED can be used "backwards" as a detector, so
    one option I'm considering is to use an ultraviolet LED, with emmissions
    around 395 nm as the detector. I realise it will probably detect
    normal light too, but hopefuly with a bit of experimentation using LEDs
    of different colours I can take this into account.

    Has anyone got any experience of this kind of thing and in particular
    will a uv LED actually detect at long-uv wavelengths?

  2. I am not certain about that - myself, I would try using UV-sensitive
    photodiode (they do make them).

    I would also suggest getting two of the devices, hooking to the opposite
    ends of a differential amplifier and blocking one with glass (which filters


    Vladimir Dergachev
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