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Using a microchip PIC to play streamed wav data ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], May 5, 2005.

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    is it possible to use a PIC - 16C84 - for playing wav or mp3 streamed
    data ?
    I have got information about small decoder chips for mp3 data.


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    There are a couple of pic projects that use MP3. I don't know of any
    using the 16C84, that's an older chip that has been replaced, Microchip
    doesn't sell them anymore, at least not from their website.
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    My idea was for an answering machine on a Linux box. It should only
    play 'lowlevel' audio data if data files from the 'answering machine'

    So the PIC should get the number of calls and let the user play them
    by pressing one button and delete them by another button.

    Maybe the simplest way would be an infra red coupled PIC device and
    using the pc speaker to play the sound.

    That way I don't need to switch on my work PC to check my mail for some
    calls :)

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