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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by F Murtz, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I have been trying to talk to someone in telstra about usenet and none
    of the technical people I have spoken to know what it is, does anyone
    know the name of an individual technical person in telstra that that
    knows usenet that I can ask the case manager to find for me as they can
    not find such an expert?
  2. Jason James

    Jason James Guest

    Yes, I had the same problem when on AOL [AMERICA ON LINE]. The kid I
    was talking to, went away to talk to older staff. They then were full-
    bottle on Usenet. As windows has Usenet as part of their EMail
    application, that maybe the way to go i.e. tell them to familiarise
    themselves with *all* the features of the EM client.

  3. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    You're wasting your time.
  4. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    Seems like it, a search of the Internode website for "usenet" finds lots
    of information, how to guides etc, same search of Bigpond finds nothing.
    TPG site also has some info.

  5. keithr

    keithr Guest

    I don't think that Telstra has any "Older" staff left. They've all been
    laid off and replaced by contractors.
  6. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    But I don"t think it works
    So far I have had answer from telstra that it has been discontinued then
    a revised, it still exists, they are going to get their specialist pay
    for service technical team to get in touch with me with the fee waived.
  7. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    Lol, that question has been repeatedly asked for at least 15 years
    that I know of. Good luck in your quest.
  8. **For ****'s sake, give it a rest. Pay 5 Bucks and use a private news
  9. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    He's already paying for a news service.
  10. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Why pay for something I should not have to?

    Already paying eighty dollars for this one (bundle)which is my main
    reason for the Internet, rarely use the phone sometimes use broad band
    to catch up missed tv, major interest newsgroups, bit of research etc
    Have eternal sept but it does not have as many groups as bigpond and
    does not have binaries.
  11. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    If they can't provide part of the service you pay for then the contrct
    is void and you can go elsewhere


    X-No-Archive: Yes
  12. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    If you aren't getting what you paid for tell them that you want your
    money back and that you are switching to another ISP.
  13. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    You shouldn't.
    I use 2 news servers, Internode and TPG and I am having a weird problem,
    the thread about thermo fans appears on TPG but not on Internode?

  14. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    No he's not. He's paying for access to the internet. News server access
    isn't a guaranteed part of that.
  15. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    If they promised him news server access as part of his "package" and
    then pulled it after he signed up, *then* he'd have a case.
  16. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    Don't know about Bigpond but Internode did offer newserver access when I
    first signed up, some bright spark decided to turn it off which only
    lasted a couple of days before angry customers forced them to turn it
    back on so in some cases complaining and making lots of noise can be
    Threatening to go elsewhere and refusing to pay the bill just might get
    their attention enough for someone to at least look into it.
    They have such a poor reputation I'm stuffed if I know why anyone who
    has another option would bother with them.

  17. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    I wouldn't hold my breath. Telstra is a law unto themselves capable of quite
    extreaordinarily ridiculous decision making that almost always never works
    in favour of the paying customer.
    Me too.

    I'd *much* rather be with Dodo :)
  18. jonz

    jonz Guest

    Oh well, there are only 50,000 or so, valid gripe..not. there are some
    binaries available also.
  19. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I have the same problem as Noddy, there is no viable alternative because
    of where I live otherwise I would have changed ages ago or never have
    used telstra in the first place.
  20. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    Me either.
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