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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by F Murtz, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Have included aus cars as some seem to know about telstra.

    Anyone using bigpond usenet and is it still working?
    I have just spent the last few hours trying to find someone in bigpong
    to talk to about the usenet service and no one knows what I am talking
    about, I kept getting transferred about to no where,even once to movie
    service each time long wait.
    even tried ombudsman, only got two complaint nos.from him.
    Maybe they just switched it off like some providers.
  2. just go to and open a free account. They offer a
    usenet server service that updates quickly and works with no hassles.
    I have been using them for some time now since my isp stopped doing
    usenet (nobody there knew what it was either!).

    regards, Art
  3. Con

    Con Guest

    Pigpong usenet seems to be hit and miss. When I remember to check for new
    messages here, some times the server does not respond, other times it does.
    Tried whining to pigpong and they don't seem to know anything about
    newsgroups. Probably need some old farts like me working for them to know
    what it is rather than those young social media types.
  4. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I am using eternal-september but I want access to bigpongs server (it
    allows binaries)
  5. jonz

    jonz Guest

    Have been using E/S for a couple of years. Apart from the occasional
    server overload (Apparent) is good value :)
  6. Feral

    Feral Guest

    I had trouble with "eternal-september" about a week ago, so I shifted to
    their "Reader80.eternal-september" - port 80. Working well and didn't
    need to re-register.

    Take Care. ~~
    Feral Al ( @[email protected])
    (\-- Ü--/)
    ^^^ % ^^^
  7. Jacko

    Jacko Guest

    Working fine here in Maryborough Qld.

    "F Murtz" wrote in message
    Have included aus cars as some seem to know about telstra.

    Anyone using bigpond usenet and is it still working?
    I have just spent the last few hours trying to find someone in bigpong
    to talk to about the usenet service and no one knows what I am talking
    about, I kept getting transferred about to no where,even once to movie
    service each time long wait.
    even tried ombudsman, only got two complaint nos.from him.
    Maybe they just switched it off like some providers.
  8. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    Seems that very few people know what usenet is including ISP's that have
    a news server, I've had the same problem getting help when there has
    been an outage.
    For various reason we use 2 ISP's, Internode and TPG and they both have
    access to newservers that allow binaries.

  9. jonz

    jonz Guest

    Thnx for the heads up ;-)
  10. It's been on the blink for bloody years and years. It was one of the
    reasons (and believe me I had a few reasons I had to go with them at
    all, since I lived 'off the grid' (socially, not geographically) and
    didn't even have a bank account for close to a decade, and they were one
    of the few that would go with billing and paying by the month)

    It wouldn't work for cable customers at all but would for adsl and every
    time I rang them about it they would say either 'it's working' (despite
    big threads on whirlpool that it wasn't) or worse still they'd say 'this
    is the tech advice line, this is only for where you ring up if you can't
    configure your modem or something' or other nonsense - in other words
    there isn't actually any real process (or wasn't back then not too many
    years ago) to report problems that are clearly at THEIR end (like the
    fact that any time a shaped account was slowed, it'd regularly
    experience server time outs and not let you download your emails if
    there was more than about 5-6 (and I was getting about 50-100 per day)
    as it'd take too long and get a time out. Why the **** they slowed the
    email side of things I'll never know, since it's direct to bigpond, no
    need for bandwith outside of there. Occasionally you'd get honest people
    on the tech line and they'd say 'look we are aware of the issue, we keep
    telling them, but they mumble mumble mumble (reading between the lines
    they were saying 'we are reporting it but nobody gives a **** and has no
    plans or capability to fix it).

    A good friend of mine is upper management at telstra and he has told me
    that when Sol came in, he was tasked with getting everyone onto the new
    billing scheme. Much of the stuff he did completely fucked everything
    else about the service, but he and his crew just kept using the wanker
    analogy 'look if you have a race car, even if it crosses the finish line
    first, upside down, on its roof and on fire, you have done the job'. I
    just wish someone had told them 'yes and then you move on and we have to
    rebuild a race car, a driver has either died or will spend the next
    decade getting skin grafts and in enormous pain, and the team will go
    bankrupt, but 'hey' we won the race right?

    And that's about the size of it. He genuinely expects it could take till
    post 2020 before it is fully sorted, so much harm and butchery was done.

    I'm not going to say it is perfect, but a mate and myself (at separate
    locations) both went to TPG adsl. I even went to the trouble of now
    having both a bank account AND a credit card (the one thing previously
    preventing me from switching). There's been the odd day or two here and
    there that the service (including usenet) has been up and down, but
    particularly rarely, and I'm BLOODY happy with the price/value for

    Most of the stuff I do on the net is text/information related (yes I'm
    the 0.001% of internet users who didn't get online primarily for porn!)
    though I do download/live stream some motorsport stuff (all legally of
    course) and I'm happy with it all. I don't know how well tpg does usenet
    in general, but the groups I read/post to (not many I'll admit) are aus.
    based mostly, and I don't seem to be missing anything.

    John McKenzie

    [email protected]
    [email protected]$HOST underground overground wombling free
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    [email protected]
  11. Clocky

    Clocky Guest

    Internode usenet support is likely to be dropped soon now that iiNet has
    their finger in Internode's pie.

    Mind you, as soon as they do I'll drop them because I can get better value
  12. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I am forced to have a bundled bigpong account because of where I live.
    Alternatives are more expensive or do not work.
    If I am paying for a service which includes usenet I should get it.
    I was just trying to find out if it still exists and working for ammo
    when told otherwise by the useless bigpong employees
  13. Noddy

    Noddy Guest

    I'm not the least bit surprised. You'd struggle to find anyone at
    Telstra who knows what "the internet" is. still works, but it's *very* unreliable.
  14. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    Internode isn't as good since it was merged with iiNet which is why we
    now also use TPG, Internode doesn't have any unlimited plans but TPG
    does so its set up so that if my son wants to download big files like
    movies it uses TPG but for basic browsing it uses Internode.
    We would drop Internode but TPG isn't without problems, speed can drop
    off very noticeably at peak times although that seems to be getting better.
    I have had issues with Internode usenet lately so when it plays up I
    just switch to TPG's newserver, I'm using it now.

  15. D Walford

    D Walford Guest

    I'm lucky in that I have a son who works in IT so he sorts out any
    internet issues I have, he understands usenet and occasionally posts
    here so if I have a problem he sorts it out including dealing with
    ISP's, they seem to respond better when talking to someone who knows how
    their systems work.

  16. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    I tried seting it up with both IE and seamonkey

    When I try to connect to server with either seamonkey or IE it pretends
    to start downloading groups and just stops.
    In the case of IE at least it says,The tcp/ip connection was
    unexpectedly terminated by the server.
  17. Every time I cant get access to news-server.bigpond I just deduct $20 from
    my bill and send them a complaint email which gives you a logged receipt.
    I spent at least an hour on the phone educating some plonker about Usenet,
    she tried to access it using IE and could not understand why it was not
    working. Finally she gave up and just passed me over to accounts who
    tried to con me into halving my claim for credit - bit difficult for them as
    they had about a dozen emails from me over a period of three months.
    "No service - no pay" seems to get a bit more focus. Worst part of dealing
    with Bigpond/Telstra is the time it takes on the phone, you never seem to
    be able to get an answer in 5 minutes.
  18. bugalugs

    bugalugs Guest

    Pinched from another group:

    The eternal-september server is located in Germany, and this happened
    overnight there. Judging from the usage stats, it looks like it started
    about 7 PM local time and was fixed about 4:45 AM the next day. In New
    Zealand time, that was 7 AM to 4:45 PM.

    On this occasion (as described in it was an
    accidental side effect of some maintenance on another part of the
    system, which resulted in one method of connecting to the server not
    working. It appears that the problem was not noticed before the site
    administrator went home for the night, and he fixed it the next morning.

    To be precise: the software responsible for accepting NTTP connections
    on port 119 was rejecting every attempt to connect. It was fixed by
    restarting that software. Other connection methods were not affected, so
    it only affected some users. It appears that NNTP via port 119 was the
    most popular method, as the number of connections was signficantly lower
    than normal.
  19. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    Heh, so nothing has changed since I was on BPC I see :)
  20. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    Thats not what he was asking about, was it?
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