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"Used" C-Cure for Older apC/8X?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Wayne R., Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. Wayne R.

    Wayne R. Guest

    We just moved into a new office that's got a Sensormatic apC/8X panel,
    and several card readers & electronic latches. But we don't have the
    $5k we're quoted for new P4 machines and new software, etc.

    The system was installed several years ago - when less powerful
    machines, smaller harddrives and non-XP OSs were out, so we're
    wondering what older C-Cure version would handle this security system
    (not too elaborate, few employees), and how we'd find a copy that will

    Any suggestions to get us working - without breaking the bank - will
    be appreciated!
  2. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    We've run into this situation before. Attempt to contact the previous
    occupant of your office space and buy the used computer from them (if they
    haven't thrown it in a dumpster yet). You might be able to get the software
    from them too.

    Alternatively, does your lease mention the existence of this system in your
    suite? Was it represented to you as "operational"? Depending on your lease
    ($$$), you may be able to get the owner of the building to provide what you
    need. In my area, this isn't uncommon. Anything to keep that space occupied.
    If you bought the building instead of leasing, you might be able to argue
    that the software should have conveyed with the property.
  3. Wayne R.

    Wayne R. Guest

    Well, not the approach I was angling for, but it's sure worth a try,

    (For the record, the original systems in the facility - a telecom
    company - were never completed/functional before the whole business
    caved in. So I'll do some digging, but I don't think there's anything
    to salvage.)

    We leased the facility, and your idea of chasing it that way is
    ingenious. Great idea, thanks!
  4. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    Well, I'm also a Realtor.

    Commercial leases and the laws surrounding them (i.e. trade fixtures) can be
    tricky, but it can't hurt to pursue your options. You can say you saw
    readers on the wall and made reasonable assumptions they were operational
    (or could be made to be operational). Much like the locks on the doors.

    Was trying to find a "low cost" solution for you. We did actually run into a
    very similar situation where a client had leased a building with an existing
    system and wanted it operational. The software was very expensive, so they
    got the computer (DOS based) from the previous tenants and everything worked
    out fine. We had installed the system for the previous tenant, though, so we
    had advantages.

    The $5,000 sounds about right, though, if they included the C-Cure software,
    the computer, and labor to check the wiring and connections on a small
    system (less than 17 readers).
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