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Use as target practice (was DataProducts LZR-1230 Laser info wanted)

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by proprclr, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. proprclr

    proprclr Guest

    David I. Emery () wrote:

    #I have been personally bequethed a broken Data Products LZR-1230
    #printer by the corporate MIS department which decided to junk the
    #thing rather than pay $700 to have it fixed (they hated it because i
    # wasn't a DEC LN03 and they couldn't get their VMS software to run it


    # I have called Data Products up in an attempt to obtain
    #a schematic and was told "we don't release schematics to our
    #distributors or field service people any more and won't even consider
    #selling them to you... a mere customer. If you want the printer fixed
    #you'd better pay us to fix it ..." ( They do offer a
    #board-changers-troubleshooting guide for $125 with no schematics or
    #detailed technical information)

    Take the thing out back, and empty an AK-47 into it. Just be
    mindful of safely and enviromental precautions. Afterward, send the
    peince of shit to the factory, with a nasty gram telling them that you
    refuse to faten their wallets tor their POS printer.

    #Maybe we need the free hardware foundation ....

    If you mean free as in freedom, I agree.
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