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USB Mouse to Serial Port

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by K Wind, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    I have an USB mouse and want to connect it to a serial port on an old
    notebook. Money is tight so I'd like to cut the end off and solder a DB-9
    connector to it. Can it be done and where may I find a pinout?

  2. Mark Haase

    Mark Haase Guest

    The soldering can be done, but the electronics wouldn't work since two
    ports work differently. Luckily, there should be cheap serial mice
    around...probably get one for free if you go to the right place. (hint
    hint: try a school, they dump old computer parts all the time)
  3. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    The mouse is optical and I'd like to use it. Is there a circuit that I can
    build to convert USB signals to be compatible with a serial port? Are there
    any web sites that have this information?

  4. Not likely. Any circuit you build will be more expensive than buying a new
    serial one.

    One thing you may try... Look at the USB mouse. Does the cable look like
    there's an in-line adapter? Some old USB mice were actually serial mice with
    a cable extention that implemented the USB slave.

    Serial is very simple compared to USB. USB is a high speed bus with complex
    power-up and operating protocols. Many USB devices need software to be
    downloaded from the PC just to work (though I don't think thats the case
    with mice).

    Have fun.
    Dana Frank Raymond
  5. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    There are adapters that often come with USB mice (i.e.Logitech) to convert
    to a PS2 port. As I have also once had a serial /PS2 adaptor (again
    Logitech) for a mouse, it seems that there should not be a problem in
    making the adaptation--check junkbins at second hand computer stores.
  6. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    This mouse is also PS/2 compatable. If there is a design out there, I'd like
    to see it and decide for myself if I want to build it.

  7. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    None of these mice are optical.

  8. The first optical mice were around a long time before USB. The ones I
    used had a grid etched on an aluminum plate, and were regular serial
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