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USB Mouse to Serial port

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by K Wind, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    I want to connect my optical USB mouse to the serial port on my notebook. It
    can't be done by changing the connector. Is there a circuit that can be
    built to convert the USB signals from the mouse to be compatible with the
    serial port? If this is possible, can I use a DOS mouse driver?

  2. AFAIK no. A USB mouse is a slave device, and requires an active USB host
    controller to work at all.


    Adrian Jansen
    J & K MicroSystems
    Microcomputer solutions for industrial control
  3. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    The mouse came with an USB to PS/2 adapter. Does that make a difference?

  4. Syner

    Syner Guest


    you can use a converter named UC-100KM from Aten Technology Inc.

    it's a Two PS/2 Devices (Keyboard and Mouse) to USB Interface
    Converter that Supports PS/2 Mouse and Microsoft IntelliMouse .

  5. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    The computer (Old notebook) I want to plug the mouse, into only has a serial
    port. The mouse came with an USB to PS/2 adapter and worked with my desktop
    computer. Maybe it would be better to ask for a PS/2 to serial port
    converter. I would like to see a schematic that would accomplish this if
    possible. Again, I have a mouse with an USB or PS/2 connector and want to
    use it on a notebook computer that only has a serial port. The mouse won't
    work by converting the connector to DB-1 only. It isn't compatible with
    RS232. The mouse is optical and I would really like to use it if possible.

  6. Ken,

    The evolution of mice goes back in the old, pre PC times.

    The first mouse was developed in some Xerox lab.

    It was picked up by Apple and used in their Lisa and Mac systems.

    In the stone ages of PC there were some proprietary mice with proprietary
    There may be some of them left in a museum now.

    The first general purpose PC mice were serial ones. They are still supported
    by most
    operating systems.

    When the PS/2 mice came, the manufaturers faced a problem. It's a good thing
    to sell
    several types of products but expensive to produce them. So they developed a
    that could handle the serial as well as the PS/2 protocol. The only extra
    hardware was
    an adapter to handle both type of connectors. ** So that adapter is only
    usefull with a
    mouse that has been build to handle both protocols! **

    When USB arrived the same problem had to be solved. So they build mice that
    handle both PS/2 - and USB protocols with a adapter to choose between to
    ** And again, that adapter is only usefull with mice that are build to
    handle both
    protocols! **

    For all I know there are no mice that can handle serial and PS/2 and USB but
    may be
    you can find one. They are making chips that can do it. Otherwise, if you
    to use a USB mouse on a serial port you will have to look for a protocol
    converter and if
    you can't find one, you have to make one yourself. You have to set up a
    with a serial port, hook up a chip that handles the USB host protocol and
    program it to
    do the conversion for you. If you have success, let us know. I'm sure a lot
    of people are

    Beware! There are a lot of RS232 to USB converters that converts the other
    way around
    so to connect a serial mouse to a PCs USB port. You cannot use such a thing
    to connect
    a USB mouse to a serial port.

    Some chips are made to build multi protocol mice:

    USB host controllers:

  7. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to provide the information. I wanted to see
    what it would take to accomplish the task of connecting an USB or PS/2
    optical mouse to a serial port and that's what you gave me.

  8. Jim Meyer

    Jim Meyer Guest

    Take a look at: Looks
    like you are out of luck for a cheap and simple fix.

  9. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    <snip quoted message incorrectly placed at bottom>

    Does the notebook have a PS/2 port for an external keyboard/mouse?
    It is completely technically possible to make a converter, but I'm pretty
    sure nobody makes them.
    I've never seen a real PS/2-serial converter, just the plugs for mice
    that support both standards but just need the righjt connector.

    Your best bet is probably to search on ebay for a suitable mouse.
  10. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    I wouldn't be asking for a USB or PS/2 to serial converter if I had a PS/2
    port on my notebook computer.
  11. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    I've found somebody in the past that diddn't know that the PS/2
    connector could take a mouse, as they'd always plugged a keyboard in,
    which was why I asked.

    There are optical serial mice out there, it's just that they are no longer
    (?) produced.
    Ebay may be the easiest way.
    Do you happen to be running linux on this?
    I noticed in a recent kernel that it was possible to connect a PS/2 keyboard
    to the printer port (I have not investigated this, it may be possible
    to connect a mouse similarly)
  12. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    Sorry. I should not have written that. I know you were trying to help, but
    the question just hit me the wrong way.
    Thanks. I'll go to google and see if I can find it

  13. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    I should probably have been clearre.
    In that case, it probably won't help, it's a software only solution,
    though someone could have written a similar one for windows I suppose.
    (I suppose it needs a 5V connction too, I've not looked)

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    - Sir Dominic Flandry in Poul Andersons 'A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows'
  14. Ken,

    It makes an important difference. PS/2<--> serial converters are available
    and maybe at other places as well.
    A converter of this type can be build relatively easily. Set up a micro with
    a UART. You will need hardly extra hardware. The PS/2 protocol can be found
    More info about both serial - and PS/2 protocols at:
    A little Google wil provide much more.

  15. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    Thanks for the information. It looks like this may be something I could do.
    I need more experience with micros anyway.

  16. K Wind

    K Wind Guest

    It was me. How could you know if I didn't know if I had a PS/2 port on my
    computer or not. I realize that when someone steps in to help, it's best to
    start from scratch. That way you don't end up spinning your wheels.

  17. scada

    scada Guest

    Some mice come with a PS2 connector, and a serial adapter! I recently
    purchased several Logitech's that way!
  18. klmok

    klmok Guest

    Thanks. Best explanation so far. I happen to have a older mouse with
    a PS/2 to serial port adapter as well as a newer USB mouse with a USB
    to PS/2 adaptor. Sticking the newer mouse with the USB-PS/2 adapter
    onto the PS/2 - serial port adapter didn't work.
  19. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    USB/PS2 mice won't be though.
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