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"USB" Mixed-Signal Scope vs. Digital Storage Scope

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 2, 2008.

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  2. The Tektronix scope is MUCH better than the Bitscope, but it depends
    upon your exact requirements and budget as to which one is best for

    The Bitscope is only 40MS/s, that gives an effective single shot
    bandwidth of around 4MHz (don't get fooled by the 100MHz analog
    bandwidth figure, you can't capture a single shot 100MHz signal with
    this). But the bitscope has 128KB of memory, the Tek only has 2.5KB,
    but the Tek is 1GS/s.

    There are fairly cheap name brand mixed signal bench scopes available
    which are well worth looking at. e.g.: Rigol:

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    I'm skeptical about any stand-alone scope that's not either a Tek or
    an Agilent... Are these any good? I have concerns buying something
    like this from a company only ten years old and headquartered in the

    The price of the Rigol 100MHz machine is only around $1.5K, which
    compares very well with the Agilent 100Mhz mixed-signal scope at >$8K.
    I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for", however, so is this
    Rigol box worth taking a risk on, or am I likely wasting my money?

    Are these scopes reliable? Are they well supported?
  4. Yes.
    The low end Agilent oscilloscopes like the 3000 seires are actually
    designed and manufactured by Rigol. The only differences used to be
    slight firmware changes and the badging, but these days they differ
    somewhat in the look'n'feel stuff. Thus Rigol scopes benefit from
    Agilent's design input and quality control etc. The exact same Agilent
    scope can be had cheaper with the Rigol badge.
    Rigol design and manufacture their own front end A/D's too.

    The $1.5K is not in the same class as the $8K Agilent, the only
    similarity is that they are mixed signal. Look under the the hood and
    there are massive differences, hence the price difference. Agilent at
    present do not offer a low cost mixed signal scope.

    If analog bandwidth is not a major concern to you then the 25MHz Rigol
    mixed signal scope can be had for well under $800:

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