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USB Data Glove Project - SMD Resistor Question

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by TSLoire, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. TSLoire


    Jan 11, 2012
    Hello there! I have arrived here with a question and a few bits of information that will help to find the answer!

    I am currently designing a prototype/hobbyist data glove, such as the P5 glove of old and it will interface with my PC via a U-HID G interface board that can be found here:

    I am planning on attaching FSR sensors to a glove, then connecting those sensors to the U-HID G interface board and finally attaching the board to my PC via a USB cable. The FSR sensors I mentioned are these: The idea is that there would be four sensors in total, one for each finger tip of my right hand and when I touched each of my fingertips to my thumb the pressure sensor would detect the change is pressure and act as a button/keypress on my computer. The U-HID G board comes with it's own configuration.

    I have been in contact with the person selling the U-HID G interface boards and they have said that using the sensors with the board might possible without using the voltage divider kit that can be along with the sensor (there is a kit that comes with the sensor, it can be located lower on the sensor webpage). There is a datasheet for the sensor on the sensor page too. Apparently I would need to exert 10kg of pressure to get any data from the sensor but that's unreasonable for my purposes, as I'd need a much reduced force to be registered. I was told that by using an SMT/SMD resistor of roughly 4.7 ohms in parallel with the sensor I could reduce the pressure needed to get data from the sensor, through the board and into my PC.

    My question is this: How would I attach such a resistor to the sensor? Where would I put it? Would it be along one of the gold connectors or at the very end of the sensor? I'm not very good with electronics you see, but this is the only part of my project that needs such work doing, if anyone could help me with my question I'd appreciate the help very much! Thanks for reading and for any help you can give in advance!

  2. Resqueline


    Jul 31, 2009
    As far as I can see from the datasheet the useful pressure ranges from 20g to 10kg, with a corresponding resistance ranging from 30k Ohms to 270 Ohms.
    The schematic gives you the way to connect the external resistor (RM). If you select RM = 10k Ohms then the sensing setup will give out half of the V+ at 50g.
    I'm sure the resistance you were told to use was meant to be 4.7k Ohms and not 4.7 Ohms. It doesn't have to be an SMD type either, it can be an ordinary 1/4W.
    The resistor is connected in series with the sensor.
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