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USB communications

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by Alexander, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    I'm an newbee with USB communication (at least with microcontrollers).
    I want to created a device which can be connected to the PC through USB. The
    Microchip 18F2550 seems to be able to do this.
    However I cannot find any good documentation on the (external) hardware
    requirements for this. Do I just need the external pull-ups (maybe not with
    the internal activated) and then connect the D+ and D- to the USB port (some
    resistor as descriped in the datasheets for power and detection added if

    Does anyone have a code example for the microcontroller and/or the PC???

    ThanX in Advance

  2. NewsGroup

    NewsGroup Guest

    I played around with the 16C745 (UV erasable windowed version!!) which
    supports USB 1.1 (Mainly because the 17F2550 wasn't in production). I got it
    to work as a HID (human interface device) with the PC. There are a few
    examples available on the net. Have a search for PICCALC and 16F745. Also,
    both circuit cellar and elector have examples. Oh, and microchip.

    I may have a play now the 18F version is available - if you manage to get
    anything working, I'd be very interested.


  3. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Het volgende bericht werd op ons ingehakt door NewsGroup
    I will let you know, but don't expect it to be soon.
    It's just an extra to my larger project(s).
  4. martin

    martin Guest

    El Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:55:38 +1000, NewsGroup escribió:
    test test
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