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USB Cable Soldering

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    My bunny chewed through my USB cable on my Wacom tablet, is it possible
    to solder it back together so that it will work? I have never soldered
    anything before, but it seems likely. It costs 48.50 to send it back
    to the manufacturer and have them replace the USB connector so it seems
    cheaper to have it soldered or do it myself.


  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Probably be simpler (and look cleaner) to just get an off-the-shelf USB
    cable and whack off one end. Strip back the outer sheath (an inch?) and
    enough insulation from the conductors (prob about 3/8 inch). Pop open
    the Wacom and replace the (remains) of the original cable. You can use
    electrical tape around the cable where it leaves the case for a chafing
    barrier and a tie wrap around the cable on the inside to act as a pull

    If the repair is in the middle of the cable then it's exposed to
    flexing, being stepped on, etc. and is more likely to fail in the
  3. Rodney Kelp

    Rodney Kelp Guest

    $48.00 for a cable? That's a ripoff. Go to a cable web site and get a new
  4. Treeline

    Treeline Guest

    The suggestion someone made of getting another USB and attaching to the tablet is fine.

    If you never soldered before, and the wires are very thin, this is rather unlikely you can do a
    good job easily. You also need the right tools. For example, some kid's game toy's wire was chewed
    through. So I resoldered it for him but I used an adjustable low-wattage soldering iron with an
    extremely small tip and even with a good bit of experience, it was dicey because I did it in his
    home. In a shop, it would have been somewhat easier. The wires were thin and cheesy and easy to

    I would think any real TV repair shop, local, might be able to do it for half that amount if you
    asked nicely. It depends, seems $40 is the minimum charge now but you might get lucky. A good
    experienced tech could do this. They could easily outfit a new cord unless there is something very
    strange about the tablet. I have not handled one of those tablet in years so I cannot remember much
    how they were assembled. TV repair shops and such seem to charge less than computer repair shops.

    In theory, you're 100% right.
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