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usb bios on Dell's Latitude D600

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Hul Tytus, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Hul Tytus

    Hul Tytus Guest
    usb bios on Dell's Latitude D600

    Dell's D600 boots from a USB/CompactFlash adapter when running MSDOS 5.0
    with no Windows xxx included and shows expected USB capabilities of connecting
    to a keybord or mouse with Windows XP running & probably plain MSDOS too. I'd
    like to access these routines from a driver to be used under MSDOS, but
    finding documentation for Dell's bios has been a bust.
    If Dell has added the USB capabilities to bios in the same form as the disk
    (13h) or rs232 interface (14h), writing a driver would be simplified. It would
    seem likely, but Google showed nothing regarding access to the USB interface.
    Anyone know if there is any documentation of Dell's USB interface? The only
    code that's come to light so far goes directly to the PCI registers and not to
    an IBM style bios.
    The boot-time setup program on the D600 states the bios is version A16 and
    the copyright statements are for Phoenix Technologies 1985-88 and Dell 1990-
    2005 which would indicate the USB interface code is Dell's handy work.

  2. Guest

    Jasen - Ralf Brown's list showed no "bios interupt", that is
    no USB interupt that machine manfucturer's have included in
    their gear of the style IBM used on it's PC bios.
    But, there was a description of some additions to the interupt 13h
    disk interface that included a USB type "disk". Handy to know, even if not
    of current interest.
    Ralf also has a good bit of data on USB controllers, pci registers and
    what apperared in brief passing, textual info also. For one (maybe more)
    of the controllers, USB4DOS, access via interupt 2?h was shown for an
    "installed" controller.
    Checking interupt 2?h on the bios of various computers might be
    interesting in the hope that others have used that interupt for the same


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