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US Patents, 1906

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mike, Jul 16, 2003.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I just received a new book, J. A. Fleming, "The Principles of Electric Wave
    Telegraphy," Longmans Green, 1906 (new to me, but 97 years old). In
    addition to detailed technical descriptions of radio transmitters and
    receivers in the pre-tube era, there is a chapter devoted to "The
    Development of Electric Wave Telegraphy."

    For those who complain that the patent office has gone downhill in recent
    years, I offer this passage:

    "An enormous number of patents have been issues to patentees who have
    busied themselves chiefly with composing variations on the work of others,
    or with ideal schemes and elaborate mechanisms which are not known to be
    based upon genuine performance."


    "The record of this work is chiefly to be found in the bulky volumes of the
    United States patent specifications. These documents are often elaborate
    treatises on the subject, abounding in references to the literature and
    present 'state of the art.'

    It is a matter of the greatest difficulty in reading these specifications
    to separate out the wheat from the chaff and distinguish that which is
    really new and useful from that which is simply an effort to disguise old
    knowledge in a new form."

    The more things change...

    -- Mike --
  2. If you want to see how U.S. patents have gone downhill, search this patent
    no.: 6485773
  3. I'll have to add that to my silly list.

    Here's another fine product of the USPTO: 5443036

    and of course one of my favs: 6329919.
  4. I did a search for patent 6,296,371 and I found all these other
    flashlight switch patents. What I can't understand is how a patent
    could be issued for something that's as common sense as a simple
    pushbutton switch, which anyone can make with a bent paper clip and a
    couple screws screwed into a piece of wood. I can understand issuing
    a patent for certain design aspects iof it, like making it out of
    injection molded plastic. But not the switch itself.

    And I'm not pleased that no one in the previous thread, below, gave
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