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Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Jimcat, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. Jimcat

    Jimcat Guest

    I have acquired 2 UPS systems I would like to try and use the inverters and
    batteries along with solar panels to power my off the grid cottage.
    Here is what I have 2- Deltec UPS systems DC 192V 70A. Input voltage
    120/208V 30/48A. Output voltage 120/240V 30/48A ( I actually measured
    120/240V. on the output so I'm not too concerned about the 208V thing.
    I talked to a local solar store about putting solar panels in series and he
    didn't know or realize if it was feasable???
    I was looking at the Home Power Magazine OCT/Nov issue on line and saw an
    article detailing a system along those lines.
    I don't think I would have any kind of problem engineering this type of
    set-up but what I really don't know if it's worthwhile setting something
    like that up or going to a system whereas you use the 12/24V . directly for
    powering lighting etc. I realize there is a loss in the conversion and I
    guess it probably comes down to the math when trying to calculate the
    I would appreciate any comments or actual experiences using a UPS system and
    are there any savings in using the inverter parts of the system. Most of the
    batteries that came with units were almost new but are they the best type
    for this type of system?
  2. That "30", is it possibly "3-phase"? That's the only place I've seen
    208 for a voltage...

    192 volts of battery is going to be something like 74-80 2V cells, or
    14 12V batteries in series. I'd start with detailed specs on the
    UPSes first...
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