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UPS using 230kWh/year on its own

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ~Dude17~, Aug 21, 2004.

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  1. ~Dude17~

    ~Dude17~ Guest

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    I've got an Invensys/Best 1000VA UPS that is drawing 26.7W constantly
    with the battery fully charged and no load connected. This is an
    offline design and the inverter is not in use when AC power is
    available. All is trickle charging battery in standby. What takes so
    much power?

    This thing dissipates so much heat for what it is that internal fan
    comes on every once in a while just idling. Everything runs properly,
    so I don't think it's a malfunction.

    There is no reason for it to take 27W of constant power to keep 36V
    9Ah pack charged. With battery fully charged, I averaged the power
    usage to be 0.64kWh/day or 230.6kWh/year. A Whirlpool EnergyStar
    compliant 22 cu. ft freezer/refrigerator takes 472kWh/year. Anyone
    else see a problem with an offline 1kVA UPS using half as much power
    as a full size fridge just to keep its battery charged? This is 1999
    or 2000 model.
  2. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Old batteries?
  3. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    What does the manufacturer say it should draw in standby?
    Check your batteries too.

  4. ~Dude17~

    ~Dude17~ Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes

    Manufacture doesn't specify it in the specs. The batteries are new.
    It maintains a float voltage of 41.5V, which is normal for 36V lead
    acid float voltage and it's only drawing 40mA or so.

    The unit supports battery hot swap, but true power meter continues to
    register 25-27W whether or not battery is connected or not. I suspect
    it's just a horribly inefficient design.
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