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UPS problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Geobird, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Geobird

    Geobird Guest

    Recently I bought a UPS . Due to fluctuation of power , whenever I
    put it on it always opens in " backup mode " . I think the fuse has
    gone out .
    What could be work around ?

  2. 1PW

    1PW Guest

    If it's plugged into known good power when you turn it on, and it's
    otherwise setup correctly, then return it to the seller for an exchange.

  3. Archon

    Archon Guest

    When I moved to this area, we were getting regular brown outs and power
    cuts (not much better now...lousy power company) so I bought a UPS
    for the PC, it was always going on backup mode. Went and bought another
    with more power output, more indicators, turns out our incoming voltage
    was 140/280Vac. Told the power company, wouldn't believe me but came out
    like a shot. Turns out some of their gear was faulty.

    Might be an idea to check your mains volts.

  4. When I moved to this area, we were getting regular brown outs and power
    Were there any effects from the high voltage, such as shortened lamp life,
    unexpected equipment failure, etc?
  5. Archon

    Archon Guest

    Difficult to say really, this was about 2 weeks after I moved to this
    area. We use 99% CFL's for lighting, so no very bright popping
    filaments! I guess most of our electronics like TV's could regulate ok.
    I wouldn't have known there was a problem until the UPS's detected the
    overvoltage. The power guys said some piece of equipment had been
    replaced temporarily by known faulty gear but it got left in
    permanently. Nice.

  6. Yukio YANO

    Yukio YANO Guest

    Sounds like an "Intermittent" or "Floating Neutral Buss" !!
    Yukio YANO
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