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UPS Modification

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Angga, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Angga

    Angga Guest

    I currently have a Liebert PSA700-230 UPS System, and for some reason
    I do need to change its output frequency.

    1. Are there any possibilities to change the cycle frequency of my UPS
    from 60Hz to 50Hz? I'm in Australia and the mains' frequency is 50Hz.

    2. The UPS utilize a microcontroller from MicroChip, PIC16C72A-20. Is
    it possible to re-program the PIC? I cannot do the programming bit,
    but will certainly be able to just flash it, anyway.

    Thank you in advance, folks!
    Angga RF
  2. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Check out their web-site:
    according to the specs for other models int hat range they are 50/60Hz
    auto-sensing. However I doubt that you can make them do 60Hz out for 50Hz
    in, that would cause a problem or three if it goes into bypass mode. Is
    reprogramming the PIC part of this idea? Frankly, it sounds sorta dangerous,
    but have a chat with the local folk at:
    Block P, Regents Park Estate 391 Park Rd.
    Regents Park
    New South Wales, Australia 2143

    Phone: 612 9743 8555, 1300 367 686
    Fax: 612 9743 8737

    Their local folk here in NZ are more than helpful, I can't imagine they're
    any different there.


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