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UPS Appears Dead...

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Scott Toland, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. Scott Toland

    Scott Toland Guest

    Hello everyone. I just obtained new 1400 Watt APS SmartUPS,
    and when plugged in, does nothing. All electronics *look* fine,
    and there is no smell, but it simply does nothing, No fans
    spinning, no heat from any components, and the onboard breaker
    tests as closed on the meter.

    Anyone have any experience with these units who might be able
    to offer some insight?


  2. Peter K.

    Peter K. Guest

    Fuse blown?



    Peter K.
  3. Scott Toland

    Scott Toland Guest

    There doesn't actually appear to be a fuse in the box, apart
    from the breaker I already mentioned. The symptoms, however,
    are exactly those of a blown fuse... I just hope its not
    fried out control logic...

  4. phorbin

    phorbin Guest

    I think he meant the fuse or breaker to the outlet.

    Try plugging it into another outlet or replacing the fuse or resetting
    the breaker to the outlet.
  5. Scott Toland

    Scott Toland Guest

    Actually, I have tried several outlets, as well as testing the mains on
    every outlet I tried.

    Does anyone have experience with these units, or, dare I ask it, a set
    of schematics?


  6. Peter K.

    Peter K. Guest

    It sounds like it really is a dud. Apologies for my slightly facetious
    Sorry, not here. :-(


    Peter K.
  7. RW

    RW Guest

    Not familiar with APS, but if you meant APC, you will not find any
    schematics. Could be just a very dead battery. Put a meter across the
    battery and see if you can read any charging voltage, about 13.8
  8. APC 1400 UPSes are well built and repairs usually center around
    replacing batteries properly. I repaired about 28 of them that way.

    Start with a popup fuse in the back and see if it is popped.

    A APC 1400 will not run at all with a fully dead and discharged
    battery. At least that was the case for the ones that I saw.

  9. Scott Toland

    Scott Toland Guest

    Well I tested the battery and it reads as 5.6VDC. Shouldn't it at
    least give me a low battery warning or something at this point? If
    not, I can get another battery, but I want to be fairly certain
    before I drop almost 200 bucks into a new battery.

    Any chance possibly of alternately charging the battery the first
    time and seeing if it holds a charge? Perhaps using a car battery
    charger on trickle?


  10. There should be two 12V batteries connected in series, yes, you can
    try to charge them separately with a trickle charger.

  11. RW

    RW Guest

    No way they are $200, I get all my batteries from ebay. $60 for the
    1400 if memory serves.

  12. I paid $35 per set for my batteries. RBC12 or some such.

    Rick at is a very reasonable fellow, and he had a
    warehouse near Chicago where I could load my batteries (28 or so

  13. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    one of the smaller car battery chargers should be safe - that is not
    make anything worse than it already is.

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