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Update on Mitsubishi WT-46807 parts problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Golf, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Well, after further troubleshooting, I found that the red CRT is bad.
    Now for the good part - TV made in Nov. 2000. Called Mitsubishi,
    talked to parts and consumer relations. They tell me this CRT
    #P16LSG03RJA is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I ask if an aftermarket is
    available. They haven't got a clue. I called both Mitsubishi
    authorized service centers in my area. Both said "if Mitsubishi told
    you the part was unavailable, there's nothing we can do". When I
    called Mits, the first thing I asked was whether this part number had
    changed or if it was being sold/manufactured by someone else. The guy
    asked me for my name, address, phone number, etc. I made it clear I
    was not an authorized service center calling in the beginning. Simply
    asked about part availability. I was then questioned if I work on
    televisions, and who said the red CRT was bad. I told him I said, and
    what's the friggin difference? Is this going to change the answer I
    get to my question? This is the Consumer Relatons dept. don't forget.
    He switched tunes to telling me I would receieve my answer in the mail
    in about 7 days. You pros out there probably aren't surprised since
    you deal with this daily. This is unbelieveable to me.
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Panasonic is similar. I got the run around from them on my 53" rear
    projector to the point I wanted to scream.
  3. What makes you think the CRT is bad?

    Have you checked with VDC about a rebuilt CRT? Have you considered that
    changing a single CRT in a set this age is likely to result in difficulty
    getting good gray scale tracking?

    Mitsubishi customer relations will do nothing for you unless you have the
    problem diagnosed by an authorized service center. For all they know you
    could be a complete idiot. Not that their ASCs might be any better, but
    they have to start somewhere...

    I think I have one of these in my used inventory. I'll check it's

  4. I do have one. It has very light phosphor wear and emission, cutoff, and
    life tests on the Sencore CR7000 are excellent. I believe this CRT was used
    in Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, and Apex sets, in addition to Mitsubishis.
    None of the manufacturers are buyuing more and if they have run out of their
    initial inventory, they simply do not replace them. You should be able to
    get a rebuilt tube or yours rebuilt by VDC. Let me know if you want this
    used one. I sell used tubes for $60 shipped in the US, as is, no warranty.
    Anytime we even suspect a bad tube we do not pull it from a scrap set, we
    dispose of it. There is no way that we can know that it did not have a
    problem, but this one came out of a philips set that had a coolant
    contamination problem as well as convergence problems and the client did not
    want to fix it. It is the raw tube with no yoke nor lens.

  5. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Thanks Leonard. A used tube is better than a bad one. I am interested
    if you have one to sell. I'm not really familiar with the grey scale
    tracking stuff. I have never replaced a yoke. Is there much to this?
    I have replaced a tube in my 50" Hitachi. It came complete. Not too
    much problem except for convergence, but I did get this corrected. Now
    about the existing red tube - set kept blowing a fuse in the vertical
    power supply. This particular model apparently had this common problem
    due to bad solder joints on the convergence IC's. Took care of all
    this. Couldn't get high voltage to come up, but I could hear crackling
    noise at power up from the red tube, also could see arcing inside it.
    I disconnected the anode from this tube, and the set now powers up
    fine with the green and blue tube only. No more crackling noises. I
    suspect the set was going into over current shut down? Anyhow, this is
    why I think this tube is bad. Please email me with needed info and I
    will take the used tube off your hands. I don't know if my email
    address shows in this post so here it is - . Thanks
    alot Leonard.
  6. This is a raw CRT. It has no mounting hardware, so you will have to remove
    it from the old tube and put it together. You will need fresh coolant. You
    should make sure that your convergence and deflection problems are fixed as
    this is likely why the red tube failed. With a vertical failure or severe
    convergence offset the beam can hit the side of the tube and heats it up at
    the yoke, causing a crack.

    If you don't know how to adjust gray scale and convergence you need to get a
    manual. Positioning the yoke is easy. YOu just push it all the way to the
    top of the neck and turn it until your middle lines match the other tubes on
    the convergence pattern.

  7. Guest


    Do you always break down the tube assys from scrap sets ? I don't
    think it's the greatest policy for a couple of reasons. Screen burn
    being the most important.

    Did you say $60 ? I think that is real reasonable actually. I would
    pay it.

    Believe it or not we recently sold a VS5055. Tubes are strong, but if
    one quits I might be looking for one of those shorties. This thing was
    something,. I thought it needed a DCM because it wouldn't converge,
    and yes I checked things. Turns out the mirror was broken. Tripped me

    Remember that lens ? That thing got me a bonus.

    I'll be in touch.

    Golf, if he says the tube is good it is good, but it will be a pain in
    the ass to mount. You look at it and it really isn't all that hard,
    but you need things in place correctly before screwing it together.
    You can't slide it around, if that gasket leaks it wrecks the set. It
    could also cause a fire on the deflection or power board.

    Alot of us install a gutter, and this is not a jury rig, manufacturers
    have done it too. NEC and Mitsubishi come to mind. I have seen it.
    Well the people are our customers now I guess and charred corpses are
    not very good at paying. I would say frequently the money is burnt up
    as well.

    Note that installing an aftermarket gutter will void any remaining
    warranty on anything, partly because they can get out of it and partly
    because everything will run hotter in there if you interfere with the
    air flow. But then if the circuit board catches fire it will be ALOT
    hotter than that anyway, so.............

    Do as thou wilt.

  8. No, I do not normally break down the CRTs from scrappers. In this case it
    had a coolant leak and was messy, so it was a matter of either breaking it
    down or pitching it. I don't see what screen burn has to do with it anyway.

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