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Update on Art Of Electronics Third Edition Progress

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by solarmist, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. solarmist

    solarmist Guest

    In response to "are [you] on track to meeting your goal of submitting the
    remaining "x" chapters this

    "We're a bit behind schedule, but I think this means we'll
    shorten some of the x chapters a bit - just a bit mind you.
    There's too much good stuff already finished that we can't
    continue to hold back.

    "We're getting closer. For example, we broke the
    old 80-page precision and low-noise Chapter 7 into
    two, both greatly-expanded with massive cool stuff.
    We submitted Chapter 5, Precision Circuits, last
    summer, and it was 135 pages long. This week
    we're finishing Chapter 8, Low-Noise Techniques,
    and we expect it to be about 130 pages. So that's
    about 3x more great material, on just those two
    topics! We expect y'all will love it."

    Hah, Chapter 8 ended up 166 pages long. Whew!

    "In January we'll submit chapter 9, Power Design -
    it's almost done now, and then we'll have submitted
    15 chapters, leaving five more "x" chapters to go.

    I think I mentioned the x chapters, with their extra,
    more-advanced material, so we certainly don't want
    to short-change them! Anyway, three of those are
    more than half done, and we hope to have submitted
    everything by next summer.

    That means the book should be out by late 2012 or
    early 2013."

    - Win"

    And a followup email

    Just a couple follow up questions so I have a bit more to share.

    Does that mean the "half" finished x chapters have grown like chapter 8?
    And you mentioned that
    after chapters 8 and 9;
    15 chapters (out of 20 if I read that right) had been submitted (for
    editing/checking I assume), have
    any more chapters
    been submitted? Is submitting this year still a goal?

    "Everything has grown, except the 20-chapter total
    is still correct. But we may simply cutoff the growing
    x chapters at some point this year, to insure the book
    reaches the streets early next year. I have been saying
    for some time the writing will be finished this summer
    but without specifying when the summer ends. Now
    I must finally admit there's no way I can characterize
    this point in the future as the end of the summer. :)

    Then we have huge stacks of proof-read and copy-edited
    marked-up drafts and drawings to go over, etc., lots to
    do still. CUP has the difficult page-layout task and then
    we have to review / fix the galleys and make an index.

    - Win"

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  2. Guest

    That's going to be a $300 book- just for the PDF version...
  3. Maybe two volumes?

    George H.
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    How about adding a chapter covering avalanche breakdown; there is a
    lot of info archived in Google, presented by Winfield and others,that
    would be a very good start.
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