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Upd: Bad XP problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by JURB6006, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    Thank you thank you thank you;

    As you know this is a fresh OS, on a drive cloned from the original C:. I
    reinstalled windows "over top of itself" and with valuable info I've gleaned
    from your replies I have figured out how to take possesion of files and folders
    in safe mode.

    Safe mode, it always made me want to ask " just what is the other mode ?".

    I took possesion and the files are now copying to another HD as I type.

    They certainly put you through a rigamaroll, but it appears possible to do it
    without knowing any of the old passwords. Security tight ? Right. We know all
    but one, the one that lets the XP disk do a repair.

    Something occurred to me recently. Of all the passwords I've put on PCs, I
    remember mostly, or can recall somehow. Is it possible that I didn't do it that
    time ? If so, maybe I should just hit enter, because typing anything would be
    wrong. I wonder ????????

    The other problem is that all the disks are lost. I can DL the drivers, but all
    the software, like the scanner won't have OCR, the printer control will not be
    the advanced one, the Radeon (true ATI) won't know what a TV station is, and
    probably won't even put out NTSC without their software. I think XP has the
    MODEM drivers, but they got cable, and of course those disks are not findable

    If I didn't know the guy I'd suspect he stole it or bought it hot, but the fact
    is that I built it for him last year.

    Another thing that irks me (doesn't bother me but it is a point of interest) is
    just how many people know how to do this. Shit I didn't even have to go to the
    command line !

    I guess as long as your up and down arrows work and you got an XP disk,
    security is pretty much non-existant. What a trip.

    At this point I'm going to just DL all the drivers and get it functional, he's
    hankering for it. I told him back when I built it, "DO NOT LOSE THOSE DISKS",
    let that be a reminder to us all. I think I'll go check see if I still got all
    my disks.

    Incedentally, or not, do companies like ATI etc. offer replacement disks at a
    reasonable cost ? If so I might just go that way. I will still try blank in the
    admin PW field. I'll be kicking myself if it works. I'd do it now, but that PC
    is copying gigs and gigs of files to the extra HD, and it looks like it'll be
    hours. I'm going to bed, let it do it. Even if it goes like a cake walk, still
    need to have the disks. Everything was purchased legally and we got reciepts,
    CC statements,, eBay invoices printed out etc., I think they should take care
    of us for a nominal fee. Don't you ?

    Anyway, thanks again for the great info, you've helped me save gigs and gigs of
    files for this guy, and some business records etc., if I can I'll reciprocate.

  2. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    The Catalyst drivers, et al, for Radeon series are free downloads. However,
    to perform upgrades to ATI's Multimedia Center suite (also free download),
    more specifically their downloadable DVD Decoder, the original shipped CD
    (or exact dupe) must be in the drive, as the update utility scans it for a
    valid serial number. I have the AIW 9800 Pro and have had to use my
    original CD a number of times for upgrades and reinstalls. Their
    replacement MMC CD is $9.99 US + S&H. Whether that's reasonable is
    debatable. Check out:
  3. Computers are never secure against people who have physical possession of
    them. Security is a matter of being safe against things coming in over the

    Some PCs have a key-actuated lock that locks keyboard input. THAT is what
    you should use in a point-of-sale computer, or the like, to prevent
    tampering by people who walk up to the machine.
  4. Bob Urz

    Bob Urz Guest

    So, what exactly DID you do? You cloned the DIsk, and started in safe
    mode. Then You used no password to recover? Your story drifted.

    The Ati SOFTWARE can be easily downloaded. The kicker with some of it is
    to install, it may require your to insert the original disk for some
    sort of perverted copy protection plan. ATI help has been good in the
    past, i would email them saying the machine crashed and you lost the
    disk and see what they say. Or find a old ATI install disk at a flea
    market or such for the key.

  5. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    So, what exactly DID you do?

    I reinstalled XP over the top of itself, on the clone. The orig is
    untouched.Yes I used safe mode as admin, but on the new OS. I was dubious about
    whether it would eventually give me the files or not, that's why I used a

    The other issue is drivers and other software.

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